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                                                       Tanki Online



                                                    by Draven Taylor

Tanki online is a game to play on a computer. When you search tanki online in Google search you will see the words tanki online in a bar. Then you click on tanki online. then it will say tanki online is loading. And when it is done loading tanki will ask you to make a nickname for your tank and a password your tank. and then it will take you in the battle station to pick a battle.When you pick a battle you will show up in there. there are so many guns to pick from. the guns are for crystals. The body’s are for crystals to. There are m1s.  m1s are like 50 upgrades in one! Your tre are power ups. one is protection one is speedboost one is fixup and one is fireboost.             .

You should play Tanki because you can play with your friends on tanki. You can send friend requests to other players. you can also ask friends to come to your battle      

Everyone should try playing Tanki because it is so much fun.it gives you something to focus on.

If you play Tanki for a long time you will get better at thinking fast and aiming.Tanki is a fun game to play on your computer. This is why i like tanki.



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