Video Game Characters Unite

 Video Game Characters Unite


   Once in a video game world there was a good side and they lived in princess peach’s castle the characters that lived there was…mario,luigi,sonic,crash bandicoot,donkey kong,yoshi,diddy kong,

Pacman,lucario,toad, meanwhile,in bowser’s castle bowser is with the koopa kids bombshell,koopa troopa,bullet bill, and gumba they are trying to take over the rubber duck tanks and rubber duck jeeps and rubber duck coppers.That shoot rubber duckers trying to catch toads and the crystal princes to be continued……

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  1. Hi Draven it’s Dakota I really liked your Character unite story I wish you would of added a little more I wonder if you will write any more video character story’s here’s a link to my blog come check it out there are a lot of story’s


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