February 9

Adventures in Candyland Chapter 10

                                       If you you didn’t read chapters 1-9 you should so you know what’s going on. 

They got to the castle they hid in the bush right in front of the guards. And then they thought the ball right in front of the guards then the guards stared at the ball. And they got them under control. And there first command was to corner lord licorice. And so the guards started cornering lord licorice. While they made the latter and started climbing. Until they heard a big BOOM the soldiers that they had put in control have started fighting with lord licorice. They needed to get to the camera room fast. Wants they finally got there they started chewing the the cords as fast as they can.


        Once they chewed through the cords a siren went off. ”I don’t remember a siren here”, Said Lady licorice.” I think they added them after the last battle we had.” Said Mammoth. They heard someone coming.”Were doomed,” said Joe.” Over here, a escape route,” and they hid from the guards they quietly went through the escape route.”They had no idea were it went to But at least they were safe, for now.As they slowly walked down the path way. What’s that,” said joe.” they saw light coming from what looks like a door. As they slowly approached the door ,joe said,”do you think this is safe.I don’t know ,said lady licorice”.As she open the door she saw gold,diamond,crystal and then she saw the diamond sword. “It’s so beautiful,” lady licorice said.


        As she picked up the sword they heard a big, CRASH! “What was that,” Said joe with concern. And out of nowhere a pile of rocks started to roll down. ”RUN,” said Mammoth,” RUN.” So everyone started running as fast as they could to the first door they see. And when they got through the door they saw lord licorice fighting with the guards we put under control. “We half to get out of here before he see us.”joe said.They run to the main exit door as fast as they could but it was to late! There were guards all around the entrance! “Now what do we do, just give up,” Said Joe. ” No we came this far, we can give up now,” said Mammoth. “Wait I have the sword we can fight back,” said Lady licorice. Then Lady licorice swung the sword and a bolt of electricity came out, BOOM!     “You just made a hole in the wall!” Said Mammoth and joe. They then came out of the castle. “Wait, let’s go back and tell Lord licorice to surrender and let Lady licorice be queen.” Said joe with a straight face.


   “YEAH”, said Mammoth! “I don’t no how are we going to get him to surrender?” Said Lady licorice, “we’ll show him the sword and what it did to the castle,”said Mammoth. So they went back in the castle and into Lord licorices room. They saw that he was still cornered by his own guards.  Then ,

,lady licorice” told the guards to step back, and they did. Well Lord licorice do you remember me The one that was supposed to be queen.

                                                         UNTIL WE READ AGAIN

February 2

Adventures in CandyLand Chapter 9

                                                                                 Back in Time

                                     If you didn’t read Chapters 1-8 you should so you know what’s going on.

“It was a long time ago when I was just a little girl, about five years old,” said lady Licorice. “My father was the king of the castle that lord Licorice is in right now.” He said that I will be queen one day when I grow up.” When lord Licorice heard about this he was very angry.” Then he said,” I’m you nephew and deserve to be in your place as king.” But my father said,” only the kings first born can Be the king or queen of the castle.” Which lady licorice was his first born. After a long time my father died and I became queen of the castle.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Two generations later lord Licorice came into the castle and said,” You better let me be king or else you will be sorry.” I said no and the next day he came to the castle and kicked me out. I felt so sad and ashamed because I didn’t do what my father would tell me to do. My father would say to kick him out of the place farther than you can see. It turned out that I was the one that got kicked out. Since then I was scavenging around looking for anything that can be useful. The hardest things to find, water, food and shelter. I ate mostly gummy bears and twizzlers for seven years. And I drank melted chocolate wich made my stomach sick. And I lived in a hollow chocolate bear.


    “Woo,” said Mammoth and Joe,” You’ve been through more than I could imagine”.   ”How come lord licorice doesn’t let you live in the castle with him as king and queen”?     ” He has forgotten everything that happened but he will recognize me right away”.”We better do something and help lady Licorice fast”, said Joe. But Mammoth replied,” how are we going to help lady Licorice if lord Licorice wants to kill us”? ”I know”, said lady Licorice,”there is a room in the castle that controls the cameras”. “And the wires that keep the cameras rolling are made out of twizzlers”. “Perfect, said Joe,”We’ll sneak past the guards and bite through the twizzlers”. Then Mammoth said,”How are we going to get past twenty-five guards”?


    “I don’t know yet”, Joe answered. So the next morning they head towards the castle and on the way Mammoth found a ball. “DON’T stare at it said lady Licorice If you do it can control you!” “We will take the ball with us and the guards will look at it then we can control the guards to defend us from lord Licorice,” said Mammoth. “Great idea!” said Joe. When they reached the castle they asked lady licorice,” Where is this secret room anyway?” Lady licorice said with fright,” In Lord licorices room.”WHAT, and how are we going to get there without getting caught by guards or killed by Lord licorice!” We can go through the roof.” said Lady licorice, Then have the guards look at the ball and tell them to corner Lord Licorice.” Great but how do we get on the roof?” said Mammoth,”we will have to climb up the side of the castle until we reach the top said Joe.” We will build a wooden ladder and climb up.” Said Lady Licorice.    UNTIL WE READ AGAIN

December 15

Adventures In Candy Land: Chapter 8

                                                              Adventures In Candy Land Chapter 8 

                                                                                The turn around

                        If you haven’t read parts 1-7 you should read them before reading this chapter.


“We’ll take it,” said Mammoth.  “We’ve been battling for a long time,” said Joe.  “How will it help us win the battle?” Said Jake.  “One of the reasons why he turned his back on me is because I had a secret room and I had the key and there is a treasure in the room.  “Why didn’t you share it with him, he is your brother right?”  Said Joe.


 “Never mind,” said Lady Licorice.  “How will we get to Lord Licorice?” said Mammoth.  “We will have to sneak past the guards,” said Lady Licorice.  They started sneaking past the 9 guards which were sleeping at night.  It was really easy to sneak past the guards but not the spy cameras.  Jake found some rocks and threw them at the spy cameras.  Unluckily for them Lord Licorice saw them and he knew exactly where they were but he didn’t see the key or Lady Licorice.  


He sent 30 guards and he knew they wouldn’t escape this time but if they did, he was going to go hard on them.  When they saw the guards coming they ran back but behind them  guards were coming too.  “This way,” said Mammoth.  They ran that way until they couldn’t run any more.  They hid behind a rock.  “We’re almost to Lord Licorice,” said Jake. “ We can’t give up now.”


They just started running toward where Lord Licorice was.  Out of nowhere a big gum ball starts rolling right at them! “RUN,” said Jake, But Mammoth was scared.”I said RUN or you will get squashed.” But in a few steps there were lots of guards. Mammoth then replied,” solong good knowing you pale,” Then lady Licorice came and said,” come here there’s a secret hideout.” So they ran to lady Licorice and that saved them.


“How do you know about this room,” asked Mammoth? Okay I will tell you but promise not to tell anyone, OKAY! “We promise said”, said Jake and Mammoth. “But first let’s get out of here and out of this place, I have a bad feeling about this,” said lady Licorice. Once they got to a safer spot about a mile and a half away from lord Licorice.”The further the better,” they all said. Then Mammoth asked lady Licorice,” Can you tell us about you knowing this place and secret room.”


            To be continued…



June 2

Adventures In Candy Land Chapter 7

                                                                   Adventures In Candy Land Chapter 7

                                                                                 Behind The Scenes

                      If you haven’t read chapters 1-6 you should read them before reading this chapter


The guards grabbed them and took them away to Lord Licorice.  They walked for like 20 minutes but when they were halfway there Jake found a stone and threw it at a siren and immediately it went off.   Then all the guards dropped them and started going to the sound.  “Good work Jake,” said Mammoth  Then they were off to where they were, but just then the siren stopped.


They got back and shut the door right in time so the guards couldn’t get in.  They ran over to where the crystals were.  Jake looked very closely and he saw steps.  “Let’s go,” said Jake without noticing that these crystals were hard.  He ran right into a crystal and fell down and sprained his ankle.  He couldn’t go up the steep steps so he decided to hide in the crystals just in case the guard broke in.  


Joe and Mammoth got through the crystals while Jake hid in the crystals. Joe and Mammoth went up the stairs. Then the guards broke in the room and then one guard said to search for these people and he held up a paper that said WANTED Jake, Mammoth and Joe.  It said, “whoever finds them first gets the biggest Smartie lollipop ever and world’s largest chocolate bar.”


Joe, and Mammoth didn’t know that the guards broke in and started climbing the ladder, almost to where the guards could see them.  Luckily Jake whispered and said to them, “the guards are in here, climb back down.”  When they were climbing back down one of the flashlights slipped out of Joe’s pocket’s and hit the ground and turned on and made a big noise.  They heard the door shut right before that.  The guards heard it but they couldn’t make it back in intime.


Jake’s ankle was feeling better and they climbed up the ladder into a room.  Luckily the guards didn’t come back in.  Jake, Joe, and Mammoth climbed up the ladder into another room.  Just then they saw somebody locked up and in chains.  Mammoth free’d her, and they asked her who she was.  “I’m Lady licorice Leo licorices sister, but he captured me.”



“Come follow me.”  They followed her back to the crystal room.  She smashed a crystal and it had a key inside it.   This key will help win the battle for you.


To be continued…


May 23

Adventures in Candy Land Chapter 6

                                                                 Adventures in Candy Land Chapter 6

                                                              Another clue in the candy house of clues

                                               Be sure to read chapters 1-5 so you know what’s going on


“Ahh,” said Joe.  “Let’s hope that was automatic lights,” said Jake.  “Shh, Lord Licorice and his guards could find us if we are this loud,” said Mammoth.  “Let’s keep walking through the tunnel and find some clues,” said Joe.  They walked through the tunnel they kept walking and walking until they came to a wall then they pulled out their flashlights.


They found a loose stone and pulled it off from the wall, quickly they dodged the flying stones and found that there was another pathway that lead somewhere.  “This must be where something really valuable is hidden,” said Jake.  “Or the answer to the mystery,” said Joe.  Lord Licorice heard the sound of when the stones fell and he went to investigate. “Do you hear something,” said Mammoth.  “Oh no, there are guards coming after us,” said Jake.


“Run!!,” said Joe. They started running and running and running.  “I think we lost them,” said Jake.  “They’ll be back though,” said Jake.  “Let’s turn on our flashlights,” said Mammoth.  They kept walking until they came to a wall this time it had a lock on it.  They shined a flashlight on the lock and it opened and they went inside.  Just then the door behind them shut.


“We’re trapped!,” said Jake. “Oh no,” Said Joe.  “We should just keep walking because there was a lock on the door so there must be something secret inside here.  Just then they saw a security camera.  “Hide, quick,” said Mammoth.  They ran and hid behind a big rock.  Joe found a rock and threw it at the camera.  “We’re safe for now,”  said Joe.  They walked out and found lots of crystals.  They touched one and it broke. “Um wasn’t me,” said Jake.


Next thing they know they see a huge flash of light coming from a hole in the ceiling.  Then they heard voices from the hole.  “Let’s go investigate,”  said Mammoth.  They started to climb up and they snuck in without getting seen.  They saw that guards were working on something suspicious.  


Then they took it into another room.  “Should we follow them,” said Joe.  “Yes,” said Jake.  Once the coast was clear they ran into the room they went in and immediately the door shut.  They saw nothing.  “I feel something coming,” said Mammoth.  Then they saw guards come out on the distance and surround them.  “Uh Oh,” said Joe.  “We’re dead,” said Jake.  “You won’t escape this time said one of the guards,” said one of the guards.  “I think he’s right,” said Mammoth.  There was no escape.  

To be continued…


May 23

Week 9 Blog Challenge Benjamin Franklin!

                                                                                      Benjamin Franklin


           Ben’s childhood. Benjamin Franklin was really smart.  He was born on January 6, 1706.  He was born in a tiny house on Milk street in Boston.  He was the youngest son out of 17 brothers and sisters.  His father Josiah Franklin’s job was to make soap and candles at a shop.  His mother Abiah raised the children.  Benjamin Franklin thought it was a crowded, noisy, and happy home.


When Ben was 8 years old his father sent him to South Grammar school.  After several months, however, Josiah decided he could not pay the money and he took Ben out, but this wasn’t the end of Ben in school because soon he went to George Brownell’s English school.  He finished school in 1716 and never went back again because his family was too poor to afford it.


Benjamin Franklin young printer. His dad sent Ben around to watch several tradesmen, but none of them interested him.  Ben wanted to go to sea.  But, instead Ben ended up as an apprentice to his half brother James.  Ben loved english, and reading.  Reading was a hobby to him, so this job seemed as good.  While learning the trade from his brother, he worked on his writing, copying the style of essays he read in a copy of a magazine.


When James started a paper shop in 1721, named the New England Courant, while Ben started another paper called, the silent dogood.  The essays made fun of Boston society and became popular.  In 1722 James was put in jail twice for criticizing in his newspaper-freedom of the press but it didn’t exist then.  During this time Ben published the paper of his own.  When James was out of prison he and Ben had lots of arguments. Excluding patience Ben quit the printing shop.  Ben wanted to work with another Boston printer but there was none.
Benjamin Franklin’s accomplishments.  Ben Franklin was one of the founding fathers of America.  He invented electricity.  Ben invented electricity in 1746 by flying a kite and putting a key on where he holds it and he kept getting shocked.  That is how he invented electricity.  Another accomplishment he made was being the 6th president of the united states of america.