the unicorn and the aligater

once a apone a time in a land so small lived a day she took a walk and ran into a tree “oow oow oow”she said. soon a aligator came to help the unicorn.The unicorn was so scard that she ran away without saying GOOD BYE! the aligator came running after soon she took a breath and the aligator said “can i help you”. The unicorn said ” please don`t eat me giant aligator” the the aligator said “ok” .later the day she ate dinner and took a little walk hopeing to see the aligator.soon she ran into another tree and soon as the came up she saw the aligator”oh hi again” the unicorn said .the aligator said “stop running into trees” sorry said the unicorn then they became friendeys for life.

the end

9 thoughts on “the unicorn and the aligater

  1. Hi Alyssa. Thanks for your story about the unicorn. Have you ever seen a unicorn? Why did the unicorn keep running into trees? .. Ms.T

  2. Dear alyssa
    I realy liked the story so much. This would remind me of the time that I headbuted the wall evryday when I was littel. I hope you have a great and awsome day.


  3. Hi Alyssa,

    That story was awesome, but i would like to know a little bit more. You just need to add a little more information. Keep going your terrific work Alyssa!

    From Tia

  4. Hi Alyssa,
    Nice job! Iā€™m glad that the unicorn and the alligator became friends for life! Everybody needs a good friend, especially when you have trouble running into trees. šŸ™‚

  5. Greetings Alyssa
    Your story is a good inspiration that will help people to live peacefully on this only planet THE EARTH.
    Nice story and we should adopt this moral in our daily life
    Assistant Professor
    R.V.Institute of Management

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