Home work is fun

Do you think homework is fun? Yes homework is fun!!! First you can take a hour! Second it is fun! Third its super easy!


First you can take a hour! You can take as long as you want! You have all morning and night! It does not take long anyway


Second it is fun. All it is is 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10.IT’s super easy to do! You can just relax and work.


Third it’s easy!it does not take long. There is only a couple questions. You can be fast or slow.


Homework is so fun. That’s why i like homework.


the super bowl is boring

by:Noah stoltzfus


Why is the super bowl not interesting to watch?  There are many reasons. It is not healthy. There is no exercise. It is boring.


 First it is not healthy . You are not moving around.All you are doing is sitting on the couch.You burn no calories.


Second there is no exercise.You are not getting any exercise sitting on the couch.You are not having fun and getting healthy.You can not get any more health sitting on the couch.


Lastly it is boring. All you are doing is sitting on the couch. All you are doing is staring at the tv.You are just watching tv.


That is why I don’t like the super bowl . First It is not healthy.Second there is no exercise. Lastly it is boring.  As you can see I do not like the super bowl .

if i could travel any where

I would like to go to ocean city. it looks like fun. it’s water park looks cool. it’s rides look fun.


It looks like fun. planet maze it looks really fun.  embers island mini golf looks fun to play. ocean city screams haunted house looks scary.


It’s water park looks fun. it looks fun. it looks crazy. it looks fun to go down the water slide.


It’s rides look fun .planet maze. embers island mini golf. ocean city screams haunted house.


That’s why i would to go to ocean city it looks like fun it’s water park looks fun it’s rides look fun. I would like to see my dad again he is nice he is smart he always helped


who I Want To See

I would like to see my dad again he is nice he is smart he always helped


He is nice because he always helped he was never mean he never quit


He is smart he knew how to enganer he built a lot he helped build a shed


He always helped he helped my mom with me and my sister he took us to are grandmas he took us home


My dad is someone i want to meet again he is nice he is smart he always helped