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Favorite Christmas Memory…

on January 3, 2019

3 Responses to “Favorite Christmas Memory…”

  1. Mr. Lewis says:

    What did you get?

  2. hoovers931 says:

    Hi Summer, this is Saraiah
    I really liked how you said what time you woke up. I wonder what you ate christmas morning? I wish you would have added what you did at your grandparents?
    If you have a chance come and read my blog at

  3. zitotbb says:

    Hi Summer, it’s me Tyler.

    Star: I like how you put in a picture in your story instead of having it all being text.

    Wish: I wish you would’ve gone more into detail for like what you got but I still like it nonetheless.

    Wonder: I wonder what were your other favorite things about the Christmas break

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