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Video + Article Surprising Conclusion

     From the video 10,000 Hours to Become Massively Successful- 10,000 Hour Rule Explained, and the article How does your child’s screen time measure up? I can draw a conclusion.  I can conclude that if kids spent the time that they do every day on screens focusing and working on their best skill, they could one day become successful in that ability.  The average child age zero up to eight spends two hours and 19 minutes on screens each day, while kids ages eight to 12 spend four hours and 36 minutes, which is a massively outrageous amount.

     If they would take the time that they spend on their screens working hard at their best skill, the 10,000 Hour Rule states that someday they could be successful.  But only if they work hard at the skill everyday for the amount of time needed. You can do the math and come up with if kids spend the amount of time on electronics as the article states, by the time they are 12 years old they would’ve been on electronics for about 13140 hours, when they could’ve used that time mastering a skill.  But, you can probably guess that babies and small toddlers (ages 0-4) can’t really do a hobby, but if you cut those years off you would still come up with more than 10,000 hours. In conclusion, most time spent on electronics is wasting time you could have been working at something you want to master.


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