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The World’s Weirdest Anti-Spam Words

on January 19, 2017

7 Responses to “The World’s Weirdest Anti-Spam Words”

  1. Margot says:

    Some weird anti-spam words that I found are crony oil, ore atlas, do latiny, coo cress and deem putt. The weirdest word was jobs lade. Great slideshow, Summer!

  2. reicha283 says:

    Hey Summer It’s Courtney! I really like that you put pictures of what showed up it was really cool! I’ll leave another comment sometime of what crazy and odd anti spam word(s) I get! come and leave a comment on my blog URL: Have a great day! 🙂

  3. wenrich4kn says:

    Weird Anti Spam Words: ye acorns, mr frowns, faulty dr, step dra, slave aid, faith guy, to muster, dr trilby.

  4. Mr. Geiman says:

    I got a good one today. dad bolts

  5. Kobe Online says:

    Hey Summer, I love that your topic for thsi post its very cool that you put the weirdest anti-spam words and yes they are weird and funny.I also find it very cool that you did a slide show and I woukld love more post like this. Have a nice Day! Kobe Online

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