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Inspiring Invitation

on December 17, 2016

Youre Invited

Summer and Mae are having a special Christmas party!

Picture from Pixabay.

Picture from Pixabay. 

Where: 567 SooSoo Ave.

When: December 20th 1:59 AM12:01 AM

What to Wear:  CHRISTMAS CLOTHES!  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!  If you do not have the proper attire on, you will be sent home with no Santa Claus goodies!

RSVP: 1234567890 or abc123:)rockrockrock(


4 Responses to “Inspiring Invitation”

  1. bryanbbz1 says:

    I really liked how you kind’of bribed them to wear festive cloths.I wish that you put things like who else might becoming.I wonder why you didn’t say anything about allergies and if there will be food. But over all I thought that the invitation was good. Please come to my blog because I just posted a new Luke Parker-Part 8

  2. eby41b says:

    I like how you added different colors. I wish you would have added more detail. I wonder if the party will only be on one day or if you would do it the month. Please come visit my blog and leave a comment.

  3. zitotbb says:

    The only thing i do not like about this is that it needs more details!And what would the food be?

    • stern338 says:

      Well, it is a Christmas Party, so the food would probably be Christmas-related stuff like cookies, ham, and other stuff like that.

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