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Once Upon a Yucky Toad

on October 6, 2016

September, 9, 1869


Dear Mikayla,


Today was the weirdest day ever! It was so weird that I almost regret living it! Want to hear about it? Of course you do, because that is the whole reason I am writing this letter.


It started out when I was riding Flash around the prairie. We were racing tumbleweeds and lassoing everything that we saw. But then, I saw a big, fat, ugly vulture sitting on top of an old well. It was the ugliest thing I ever saw. So I tried to lasso its neck, but then a giant gust of wind blew through the arroyo, and knocked my brand new hat that Daddy got me off my head and into the well! That darn wind!


Then, this voice started speaking to me. It said: “Qué pasa, señorita?”  I thought that the stupid wind was playing tricks on me again, but it wasn’t. It was the 2nd ugliest thing I ever saw. It was a little, gross, horned toad. He said that he would get my hat, but, only if I gave him some chili, played my guitar for him, then let him sleep in my brand-new hat. Of course I rejected at first! But then, that ugly toad talked some sense into me. So, finally, I agreed to the bargain. The toad then climbed down into the old well and brought back up my hat. Then I quickly snatched the hat and rode off into the distance as fast as I could until I got back home.


A while later I heard some knocking on our rusted wood door. You guessed it, it was the toad. So I slammed the door shut. But then he was begging to come in when daddy came over. He politely let the toad in, and talked to me about keeping a promise. I then HAD to let the horned toad have some chili. When he was all filled up with chili, he wanted a lullaby, so, I got up, picked up my guitar, and played a cranky lullaby. It went something like this: “Little yucky toad stay awake, because I really don’t like you at all, now go back home, BECAUSE I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!!!!!!!!” I played a horrible tune to go with it.


When he was ready to take a nap in my brand-new hat I was about to say, NO way partner. But then I remembered what daddy said about bargains. So then I flipped that slimy toad into my hat, but he wanted one more favor. A favor I automatically refused to. He wanted me to kiss him! I told him that a kiss wasn’t part of our deal. But, if I did he said he would be on his way pronto. Then I agreed. Anything to get rid of that nasty toad.


Before I could get rid of the toad spit on my face, a fierce dust devil came and spun that ugly in circles. Just then, when the dust had completely cleared, I saw a handsome prince standing before me. His name was Prince Maximillian José Diego López de España. Right when I was about to ask him how this happened, he explained. He said that many, many, many years ago he offended the great spirit of the arroyo. It wasn’t a wise decision. The spirit then put a spell on him and turned him into a horned toad. For many years he has been waiting for a cowgirl like me to free him. Muchas gracias for my freedom, he told me. I was still stunned with amusement. Then I stopped my trail of thoughts to tell him something. I told him that my daddy had read me a story about something quite like this. I told him about how we’re supposed to get hitched and ride off into the sunset. Then he said, Lo siento. Sorry, Reba Jo, when you strike a bargain in these parts, a deal’s a deal. Adiós, señorita! I was so upset. But then I understood what I did. It was fair and square. Then I went home to my padre to help make dinner and think about that handsome prince.


                                                                                                               – Next Time I’ll Think!?


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