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My Amazing Avatar

on October 6, 2016

My avatar represents me in many ways. Here is how it represents my uniqueness and qualities. My avatar has a cupcake and some hearts above its head because I love to bake. And cupcakes are my favorite things to bake. I like baking cupcakes because I like putting the icing on top of the sweet cake. I also like inserting toothpicks into the centers to see if they are done baking. My avatar has a bright blue necklace on because I like wearing necklaces. My favorite necklace I had is shaped like a teardrop with grooves circling into the middle wear there is some genuine white gold. I plan to wear the necklace for picture day. My avatar has an indigo colored dress on because indigo is currently my favorite color. I like how it’s purplish blueish color. I don’t have that many indigo colored things but, I still think that it is a nice color. My avatar’s hair is down because that is my favorite way to have it. I don’t really like having my hair up because it usually starts hurting and getting in the way every once in awhile. My avatar is holding a phone because I like playing on mine,texting, and I like playing music on it. My phone is gold, and it has a multi-color wallet like case. That is why my avatar is holding a phone. That is how my avatar represents my and what I like to do. Like my avatar? Make your own!     

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  1. Kaylie says:

    Hi, Summer. I am Kaylie. i have a avatar too. It should show up beside my comment. I like how you explain you avatar. Go to my blog at


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