Tiger Rising

Now that his dad and him cried he will be able to have different feelings. He will have mad feelings against the bullies .  He will be super sad and mad and have all of these feeling that he didn’t have.

Penn State Berks

I like Penn State Berks, the coolest part about it was seeing the buildings and how big it was. The Stem challenges are cool! My favorite part of the stem project was building the roller coaster with a marble and other materials. It made me feel that I want to woodwork. 

1 Thing I Am Thankful For

One Thing I am thankful for is my Family and God.

I am thankful for my family because my family loves me and supports me during sports. I love my family a lot and I basically go everywhere  with them. Another one is God I go to church every week and I go there to follow him.  I know God loves you to not just me he loves everybody even if they are bad.

I am so glad that I can read

I am so glad to read I can make thing out of it like a cake or food.I am so glad I can read so I can finish the paper that the 5th grade teachers gave us to do over the summer.I am so glad that I can read so I can tell my mom and my dad and brother what I know that they might not know yet.I am so glad that I can read so I can find out what happens and that it is like in a different world that’s what is cool about reading because you can make you own imagination in it.

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