What I like Garden Spot Middle School

What i like about middle school is the food and lunch and they have a snack store. Also i like the lockers that we get and it is awesome that we get to take our computers home so we can do our school work from home and we can email our teachers to see if we need to do anything. so that is pretty cool

The most EMBARRASSING life

I woke up and there was the person in my dream looked like she was there but she wasn’t so I was talking when I was awake so that was a “great start” to my morning. Every time I was passing the stair case and there was a draft coming from up stairs it was scary when my mom came she didn’t feel it so she really thought I lied. When I got to school everyone was having so much fun I wanted to have fun but that character from my dream appeared again but that is what I thought. So when I started talking of course everyone was laughing at me so that was the worst thing that ever happened to me. So the rest of the day was basically the same so that was my day. It was the worst day of my life.I was not so happy after that day. Also the day after that went way better so that was the best thing that ever happened to me.

The funniest life

I woke up one morning and saw that everything is snowing and that made me think of a story not just any story but a story far away… Once upon a time there was a person named Bethany she was the drama queen of all the hip pop school everyone thought she was a weirdo of all of the school but on to the story. It was a very sunning day everything was beautiful and I was just walking. I dropped my lipstick out of the many out of my pocket. Then I saw my friend walking down the street she said that I was be weird carrying SO much lipstick with me. So I went home and saw my mom lying on the couch looking ill or something. I asked her is every thing alright she said everything is okay. I said that it was a beautiful day to go on a walk. She said don’t worry about me you go have fun besides i’m just taking a nap. Because unlike you I didn’t get enough sleep. I said okay and went to go for ice cream. When I got to the Store I saw my friend waiting for me. She told me that she got what I usually get and that is my favorite it is cotton candy swirl and mint chocolate chip and peanut butter over load all in my milk shake but here’s the thing i’ll only take it in a milkshake. So when she told me what she got it in she said it was going to be in a. she paused caused she thought I would be mad at her she said milkshake in a soft voice. I jumped up and down like I didn’t care who ever was watching.

The Hip Dog(Fixed)

The hip dog is a spotted the cutest dog ever. He loves to play also loves people. The one thing that really annoys him is other animals. He really enjoys his owners his neighbors and everyone really. He loves summer but he hates winter spring and fall he hates that is another thing that really annoys him. But other animals is the worst thing he hates. There are lots of toys he likes but his favorite is his chewable cheese burger.

Genius Hour (Fixed)

I am doing a Genius Hour I am doing songwriting and I am going to write a song for my project. It is actually very easy to write a song every time you can see what song you put up but getting it out to the world, that is one of the hard parts. It is the hardest thing so it is hard but not as hard as getting dress in the morning for some people, not me. When you are doing this you need to have your genre picked out, unless you aren’t going to have a  song so pick you genre first that is very important. When you have your genre picked out you have to have the words that you want in your song and  some other  words picked out you can add then to music. Have a band play the music for the background. What I research about song writing is very awesome. When you researched you can find things out that you probably didn’t know, about like picking your, genre that is a hard step so that is a good idea to do first when you are writing a song. Another thing you probably will find out is that you need to have a bridge in your song.