The eagles made the playoffs last week.but sadly the top quarterback for the eagles got injured. The eagles have nick foles  as their  quarterback . they are going to play the giants next week that is like a buy the are not good.the eagles have the best run defence. Carson Wentz could return from ACL injury sooner than expected the eagles should get carson wentz back next year. The eagles  have one of three best seasons yet. This week nick foles  throw 5 touchdowns! But the defence did not but next week the sud play better. They play at 8:30 next week. Some of their top players Fletcher Cox malcolm jenkins carson wentz alshon jeffery nick foles nelson agholor jason peters  “Fly, Eagles, Fly” The Philadelphia Eagles Fight Song – YouTube


5 thoughts on “eagles

  1. I really liked how you talked about nick foles
    i wish you would of talked more about him
    i wonder why you talked more about him than carson wentz

  2. I really like how you chose to write about the eagles
    i wish you added some about the super bowl
    i wonder how the eagles got to the super bowl
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