I survived the Pompeii volcano.

I survived the Pompeii volcano.My name is Chance Smale I am 12 years old In 79 A.D. I woke up one morning It looked like a sunny day. I went downstairs to eat breakfast with my brother Nathan and my mom. After breakfast I checked the time, it was 10:05 AM. I asked my mom’ can play outside? She said “yes”. I’ went outside with my brother. We were throwing a ball . 2 hours later my brother went to get  water for me and him. When my brother went get water I heard a shake and then I heard a bigger shake. I went in inside to tell mom, I heard a big shake. My mom said “ heard a big shake too.” I’ told my brother, too .He heard it too. We all went outside to see what was  causing the shaking. We all looked at the mountain.It was shaking! Then boom ,it exploded. My family was running as fast as we could. We saw a boat and we ran to it.We sailed away from the volcano.We went to a  new city in Texas.The end.