What I do on New Years Eve

I am going to tell you what my family and I do on New Years Eve.  First, we invite people over to our house to come on New Years Eve.  Then, we prepare for the party and tell everyone what to bring and do our own shopping.  Next, when people come the kids play games and so do the adults until the ball drops at 12 o’clock.  After that, everyone leaves and we clean up.  As you can see,  I have a great and fun New Year.

5th Grade

I am going to tell you a little about 5th grade in my school (Brecknock Elementary School).  It is very fun.  You will like it a lot.  You get to do a lot of things.

5th grade in my school is a fun year, I liked it from the start.  First of all the teachers are great!  Second, you get to do a lot of fun things like… lots of fun project and you get to have a 5th grade concert in December.  Third, you get to have recess alone and you don’t conflict with other grades at recess.

As you can see, 5th grade is one  of the best grades in elementary school.  You get to do a lot of fun things  in 5th grade at my school.

My Favorite Type of Pizza

My favorite type of pizza is cheese pizza.  That is my favorite type of pizza because I do not really like toppings on my pizza.  If I had to have topping on my pizza I would have pepperoni.  I do not know why I would have pepperoni it just taste really good.  But I like cheese pizza because cheese is better than pepperoni (in my opinion).  As you can see cheese pizza is the best pizza in the world.

Two Slices Robert S via Compfight

My Basketball Game

In my basketball game over my weekend we won but it was a close.  At the first part of the game the other team was making so many 3-pointers that we were down 19-3.  Then near the end of the second part of the first half we cut the lead to 21-17.  Then my coach told us what we need to fix in the second half and we did that and the score was 29-27.  We kept on fighting until finally my dad said we are running our full court press Michigan.  We have never ran it in a while since our front man in the press go sick and had 2 concussions.  They didn’t know what to do and we kept getting steal after steal and we were tied 32-32 with 34.2 seconds left.  Then we got another steal and scored and we took the lead 34-32.  Then after that got another steal and they had to start fouling us.  My team passed it into me and I ran around and then they fouled me.  We did the same thing my team passed it into me and I ran around until they fouled me again.  we did that 1 more time until I got to shoot free throws.  There was 0.3 seconds on the clock.  It was 1 and 1.  On 1 and 1 if you miss it the ball is live.  But if you make it you get another one.  I missed it and they grabbed the rebound and time ran out but then the refs said the other team got a timeout with 0.2 seconds.  They tried to pass it in but we got the steal and the clock ran out and we won.  P.S. celebration 2.0.  As you can see we won a close one this weekend.

My friends in school


Erik is a really good friend.  He is funny and is athletic and he is a respectful kid.  He is very trustworthy.  He is friends with Preston and Elijah to.



Elijah is very very very smart.  He is good at everything.  He is also trustworthy.  Again he is friends Erik and Preston.  He is also good at art I mean really good at art.  Elijah is athletic.



Preston is good at math.  He is also friends with Erik and Elijah.  Preston is athletic to.  He is good at basketball.  Preston is trustworthy.

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