October 29

why no poverty matters

   Why does the no poverty global goal matter


  This matters because i fwe stop this than the world population will go up. Because i people have money they will be able to eat healthy and live longer and be more safe. Also it can be a bad thing to over populate because we don’t have that much freshwater on earth. Nad i think that we need to give more homeless people more money.  

October 29

why affordable and clean energy is important

 this is important because Ensuring universal access to affordable electricity by 2030 means investing in clean energy sources such as solar, wind and thermal. … Expanding infrastructure and upgrading technology to provide clean energy in all developing countries is a crucial goal that can both encourage growth and help the environment.

October 29

why zero hunger is important

Zero hunger is important because when people don’t have food it can cause death.     Because when you don’t have food in at least 1 day you start to feel sick. Then after a  couple days you start to die do to starvation . About after a we 3 weeks you die so this is important because if you don’t have food in about a 3 weeks you die because you are starving.  

October 29

why I think water and sanitation is important. Goal six

Water and sanitation is important because if we do it it can save us from lack of water. When we don’t have water and sanitation it can cause diarrhea. Also this is important because when there is a natural disaster you will need a lot of water that is sanitised. When we don’t have clean water it also caused about 3 million deaths. So my point is that when you don’t have water and sanitation you can be in a bad situation and i’m showing what is can do to you and the body.

October 29

why i think life on land matters

  Why I think that life on land matters


          I think that life on land matters is because of many reasons. One is that we cut down trees and don’t replant and when we do this it makes animals die because that could of been there home. Two when we burn fossil fuels it can pollute the air and when we pollute the air it makes it can harm animals . Three when we harm an animal like a endangered elephant for its tusk because they are worth a lot of money that makes it even more endangered and in my opinion a non extinct animal is worth more than a lot of money. Four when we do all this stuff it harms the environment so if we stop

doing this then no animal should go extinct for now on.

Main idea. Details that support it.

October 8

What i think we need most

I think the most needed thing to help the world and people is no poverty. Because if there’s no poverty than people can get what they need and the care they need. they can buy themselves a new home and if there sick then if they have money they can get the medicine they need. So I think that no poverty is the most important because people can live a better life if they have the money.

October 8

What I think peace means

    What I think peace is

I think that peace means that everyone is friendly and fair. Take a neighborhood everyone is outside playing and having fun treating everyone fair. Now look at some towns and neighborhoods that are not as nice they are inside hiding and selfish and greedy. So my point is that this is what peace means to me and how I feel about it.

October 8

why the global goals are important

they are important because if we don’t fix this stuff then a type of fish can go extinct. If we don’t fix these things then the world will be a bad place to live on do to air pollution. Also no poverty can make people pass away because there to cold or hot and sick because they cant get the care they need. and so this is why its important to care for the global goals.

October 8

what it means to be a responsible consumer

What it means to be a responsible consumer means that you are not     throwing away your food you’re eating it all and take how much you think  you need because. If you don’t do things like that people may see you throw away food and may think you are a waste full person. And people are homeless and if you throw away food you haven’t even touched that can make people think your a waste full also. Also people in like africa have not had food in maybe a couple of days. So this means not to waste food and eat what you get and be thankful for it.