what I got over break

What I got over break. I got 3 RC cars they are very fast 1 of them has a camera on it. The other 1 is just very fast. The last 1 has a super charge button on the controller. It works!  I also got a drone  that has a camera on it. It is hard to fly with the camera on. but it is fun. I got a pokèmon  cards.  my best and my Favorite is called dusk mane  Necrozma GX. Because it is by far the strongest 1 I have. I also got 6 Beyblades they are so fun to play with. do you like Beyblades? I also got  3 nerf guns they are so fun to play with. I also got fortnite characters. I also got a PS 4.


My restaurant is called Derberger

My restaurant is called Derberger it is in fortnite. On Mondays the kids food is free. I will hire 5 chefs to cook every day that a customer is at  my restaurant. Babes food is always free. I will make burgers,slurp,juice,fries,mushrooms,apples. Just like fortnite. we make 20,000 dollars a day I am scared because tomato town make 1,000,000,000,000,000 dollars a day.

Save Electricity



Do you want to save electricity? Well if you do are group is going to tell you facts about LED lights so you can save money. If we ran out of natural resources animals and people would die out and there would be no more natural resources. We will tell you some facts about saving electricity.   



  First,We yous 911 kilowatts an hour every day.That is not good so you could,unplug things when you are not using it.Turn off the lights  when you are not in a room. You could get solar panels that only cost and your electricity bill will go down.then if your bill go down you will have a lot of money.so you should get solar panels so you can save money.

That is why we need led lights because it will save us money. It will also save  natural resources like gas,coal because gas and coal make electricity.So save electricity  today




fun facts:

1.Did you know than an lightning bolt is ten times hotter than the face of the sun.

2.You can make electricity from a waterfall.                                       


 3. If we use to many natural resources we will lose them.


The best part of me

The best part of me is my legs because my legs make me run fast and my legs are very strong so I can run fast. The best part of me is my legs because my uncle says I am very fast at running I like when He says  that  I am very fast at running.


I love Maryland.

Maryland is awesome my opinion. It is very hot a lot.one time it was raining very bad it was cold but it  was fun very fun. The one day I went under the water 10 times I hated it then we eat a lot of food that night.we  Were outside for 2 hrs 3 days in a row. It took 5 hrs and 50 mins. After a lot of fun we went back home. It took 5 hrs and 50 mins to get back home. It was very fun and cool I think. I suggest you to go to maryland.I had so much fun!!!!!

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