My life story

So my life is pretty good but there is something I did not tell you, and I am adopted! On that day after my adoption we will be going to skyzone. My favorite place to go. I’m also a car person I know a lot about cars.


The fastest car in the world

The SSC Tuatara is the fastest car in the world, but it might be a little to fast. The SSC Tuatara had a top speed of 331 MPH. That is fast and it is street legal. You can buy it, but it will be a little over $1.6 million! save your money and wala you have the fastest car in the world, but it is hard to keep control at high speeds. It is hard to make this car, and it is not out to buy yet. That means that it is a prototype, that means that it is real, but they are making it better and safer.

The Sports I Play every Year

My favorite sport is wrestling and why, well I can release my anger on people, but I fun because I’m very good at it. I  also like it because it’s fun and I learn self defence. My second favorite sport I play is football it also helps me get anger out, but it is very fun one because I’m good at it. It is my 2nd year doing football, so I know all my plays. It is my 3rd year doing wrestling and I know all my moves, and that’s a lot.

what I got over break

What I got over break. I got 3 RC cars they are very fast 1 of them has a camera on it. The other 1 is just very fast. The last 1 has a super charge button on the controller. It works!  I also got a drone  that has a camera on it. It is hard to fly with the camera on. but it is fun. I got a pokèmon  cards.  my best and my Favorite is called dusk mane  Necrozma GX. Because it is by far the strongest 1 I have. I also got 6 Beyblades they are so fun to play with. do you like Beyblades? I also got  3 nerf guns they are so fun to play with. I also got fortnite characters. I also got a PS 4.


My restaurant is called Derberger

My restaurant is called Derberger it is in fortnite. On Mondays the kids food is free. I will hire 5 chefs to cook every day for customers  at  my restaurant. Baby’s  food is always free. I will make burgers,slurp,juice,fries,mushrooms,apples. Just like fortnite. we make 200,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 dollars a day I am not scared  because tomato town make 1,000,000,000,000,000 dollars a day. That is very sad!