School Shutdown- Covid 19 Week 1

Dear Students,

We are living in a bizarre week in history.  We aren’t allowed to go to school.  We aren’t allowed to eat in restaurants.  What are your thoughts and feelings about this week?  What was your reaction when Mrs. Schrantz announced that we wouldn’t have school this week?  What are you doing at home?  I miss you already!  Since I monitor the blog, it might take up to 24 hours for your comment to be approved.  Try to use capital letters and punctuation.  🙂  It will help us understand your writing!  Stay well!

Mrs. Dissinger

Here’s a picture of my dog, Joe, when we were on a walk in the woods this week.  He’s kind of comouflaged with the leaves on the ground, so we put an orange vest on him to be able to spot him when he wanders away from us.


16 thoughts on “School Shutdown- Covid 19 Week 1

  1. These past four days have been fun but also boring. I had a great time sleeping in, and having fun with my family. I hope I see everybody soon. Have a good rest of your week.

  2. hope everyone is staying clean and healthy because I know I am btw doing work at my house is boring and Mrs.Dissingers class is way more exciting.

    • Hi, John! It is so good to hear from you!
      Your words are like music to my ears! I miss you guys so much! I know you miss each other, too!

    • Hi, Autumn! I am so happy to hear from you! What is the thing that you like to do the most for fun at home? One of my fun things to do is cooking. And reading!


        • Nice! That sounds familiar! What kind of dogs do you have? I like walking a whole lot better when the temperatures are warmer, but it is still nice to get fresh air when it is cooler.

          • Mrs. Dissinger I have 2 jack russels. And they are a lot of fun to run around with.

          • My brother-in-law and his wife have a Jack Russell also. He is so high energy. I bet your dogs love to get out to run!

  3. hi everybody also its nice to see you to Mrs.Dissinger. Its the second day this week and from what I can tell nobody has COVID19 sooooooooo that good right?

    • Hey, John!
      It is fun to keep in touch with our class. I’m glad we’ve heard from lots of friends and that they are feeling well! So good! I thought of you wearing your opening day t-shirt when MLB announced the delay of the season. I am so, so sad. I love watching Philly baseball!

  4. Absolutely! That is a great idea! I’m in the process of creating some small groups. If you want, we could share it with your small group in the future.

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