Me and Uncle Romie

In Me and Uncle Romie, James visits New York City.  What 2 activities would you like to do if you could visit a big city.  Include details.

5 thoughts on “Me and Uncle Romie

  1. i liked reading that book cause it tells you that James goes to new York for the first time to meet is aunt and is uncle cause his mom is soon going to have baby twins. When he leaves he is nervous cause his birthday is soon and he’s afraid that it won’t be the same and he’s afraid that he won’t be able to have lemon cake and go to a football game. but then he fines out that is birthday is not so bad only when he finds out that is aunt is going to a funeral cause i think her grandma died then his birthday turn’s out fine with him and his uncle. then after he leaves to go home he get’s to meet his new sibling’s and then his uncle’s birthday is soon and he makes him a card and sends it to him and they live happily ever after the end.

  2. Hi, I think that this book is a good book.It should be a book that you could read to your uncle or you mom or someone you know.

  3. I like me and uncle romie because at the begining the boy is scared and at the end the boy isn’t scared.

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