6th Grade Art

Welcome to the 6th Grade Art page!

Dear parents,
Your child has been given a paper about Class Dojo, a tool we use to celebrate and keep track of accomplishments made by students in the art room. Once signed up, it also becomes a great way to allow parents, students and myself to stay connected and learn about exciting news happening in our class or achievements gained by the student.
As a 6th grade student, they learn how to balance a checkbook in class. Each week, I will be giving out “Dojo Points” that the students equate to a dollar amount. If at the end of art class they have earned seven dojo points, they can add seven dollars into their checkbook. Each week I will reset the dojo board to a clean slate, and the process will begin again, so checking Class Dojo weekly will ensure that you stay the most up to date on how your artist is doing. The students really enjoy using Class Dojo, and I hope you will too! You can find more information or sign in using your secret code that your child brought home here on Class Dojo’s website. There are also step by step instructions for how your child can customize their avatar found here!

As always, please don’t hesitate to e-mail me if you have any questions!
-Mrs. Buckman

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