Mr. raindrop’s life

By: Lael Sanouvong

I am falling as I awake from my nap. Being 1,000 years old is hard doing the same thing over and over again. I looked over to my right and see my friend bob.

Bob says” Hey Sanouvong-qwerty Raindrop can I just call you Mr. Raindrop?”

“Ya” I say “ I thought “you were still in the cloud?  Where is Moo?”

“He’s at the drain you know how hard it is in the drain.” He turns into a snowflake as do I. “ He mite be in the toilet of Mr. Bat’s house. Also be careful were snowflake.”

That is when we land on the cold grown of russia. I look around and see kids. I hate kids they love snow to build snowman.  But they never think about the snow they use. They are so rude because the never ask to pick me up. It is so annoying. I can’t talk to them about it ‘cause they never hear us. Then all of a suddenly I feel someone pick me up. “Hi kid I know you can’t hear me but PUT ME DOWN!” That is when I melt. Thank you Mr.Sun.

“ Hey Mr.Raindrop It’s me Mr.Snowflake.” Said some voice behind me.

“Mr.Snowflake! I missed you so much. How long have you been in Mr. Bat’s House and did you see Moo?” I said so happy to see I would hug him but we have no hands so we can’t hug.

“ I did not see Moo But I was Not at Mr.Bat’s House I was at Mr.Mike’s house in his dog. Then I was in the grass. Then I went in the belly of a cow. That is my story what is yours?”

“ I did the normal life the whole time you were gone!”

“ Do you know were Bob is?”

“I was just with him but now I don’t know.”

That is when I start to sink into the ground. Now all I see is roots and they try to get me.But I move out of the way. That is when I see a root reach over me and get Mr.Snowflake. Even though all my friends are gone I keep going. I hit a pond. Then I see a BIG dog come to me and lik me up

Inside a dog is the worst place in the WORLD ‘cause of all the stuff the dog eats then when the dog gets me out of because he is sick I am in the US. I go to the cloud wich is going todrop down to the earth again and it will start all over again.

The End

I’m so glad I learned to read


I’m so glad I learned to read

I’ll read all day long

Every time I go to bed it’ll be there in my song

I’m so glad I learned to read

In the book I’ll fly  

I’m so glad I learned to read

The avers that go by.

I’m so glad I learned to read

Day or night

I’ll read even now

I could have been read when I write this now

my favorite person I read about

By: lael

My favorite person from the book Poems About Great African Americans is Gwendoly Brooks because she writes poems and I love poems. this is what I learned from her that your dreams can come through or come true.


Did you know that tsunamis can kill 213,000 in 11 countries and that tsunamis warnings can be started by an earthquakes? Well now you know. It is hard to tell when a tsunamis are going to happen even when you have the warning that is why you should be carefull even though they are not often in the U.S.. In 2004 a tsunami killed 213,000 that is why you should be careful even when there  are no warnings.

Thanks for reading,


endaangered animals.

Did you know that giant pandas are cute and fluffy but they are also endangered! Endangered animals are all around the world and we are trying to stop it. Animals have a life and the are die out. Giant pandas are one of them. You might think they are not dying out but they are.

Some animals are endangered and they are going to die out. There are 10 endangered animals that I know are dying out. I will tell them to you so you know not to kill them: the Giant Panda, the Tiger, The Whooping Crane, Blue Whale, Asian Elephant, Tasmanian Devil, and The Orangutan. All these animals might die out but if we help we could save them. That is the 10 animals I love.

You know that giant pandas are being killed but do you know why? Like most animals that are endangered they might have Issues or some have habitat loss and others have been killed or by some people say by them. Now you might be thinking who will kill a big ball fluff? Well some will because it is too fluffy to live without but it has a life to you know.

Some animals like the pandas you didn’t know they were endangered. Well you can find more when you search” what are the endangered animals in the world”and you will get all the endangered species in the world. Then you will not kill them. If you get there I bet you will find many animals that you and me did not know were endangered.

I hope you know that you should stop killing animals. Some animals need your help to save. Even my frate panda is. Knowing about them s inpent before you know them.that is why you should save all animals if they are endangered or not. If you do then you might make them endangered.

which TED talk?

I have to choose ‘ which TED talk gave me a better understanding of the ecosystems and food chains.

  1. “Dead stuff” The secret Ingredient In our food chain by: John C Moore
  2. “From the top of the food chain down”by: George Morbrot

There are my choices up there.

I think for the food chain I choose “From the top of the food chain down” and for the ecosystems I choose the same thing it was a good TED talk. That was a good thing I was watching both of them so ya. The end.

spring break

What I am going to do on spring Break

I am going to look at a wall.

I am going to play minecraft and have fun.

I am going to stay home.

I am going to look for houses online for me and my family to live in.

I am going to go to kider- house.

I am going to do some thing.


poppy’s jalopy

In the poem Poppy’s Jalopy is perfect the way it was in the eyes of the beholder.  Some people might think my baby blanket is too old for me but I love it still. Also it is my favorite thing in my room.

Would I visit

Some people live in VERY cold places and Siberia is one of them. It is -90 degrees out there. But now I have a question to answer and it is Would you visit Siberia? In my opinion I think maybe. If it is winter I am not going anywhere near it. I will stay home. Well on the other hand if it was summer I would have a blast! I would sled like crazy. Maybe it would be fun. That is the end of the story.

My week


In clab. I did this as notes:Plateaus can form in many different ways like:

  1. Being made by lava flow.
  2. Being made by erosion.
  3. Being made by plate collision.

In Mrs. Hurds group I read a story and got a question and it was How do you make a  metamorphic rock? Anser: haet.

In Independent I read an article about stuff.

In clad. I did this: learned a lot about landforms. Let’s start with plateaus. Plateaus are a raised area that can be in many different places. Many plateaus are high and humid. Plateaus are used for grazing stock.Plateaus can be formed in many different ways like:

  1. Being made by lava.
  2. Being made by erosion.

In mis. Hurds gourp I read a story. In my group i went on compass learning.


I was at lason.I learned that Pterodactyl was not a dinosaur. In independent I did achieve300 It was a story about cars.


In clab. I write something.I read a story. In my work I did my spelling test and got 96%.