VR trip to Antarctica


Name: Luukas


Expedition Name Text Title
Antarctica Arctica journal


What do you SEE?

(Describe what you see using WOW words)

I saw amazing  glaciers.

What do you THINK?

(As you are experiencing VR tell your audience in detail what you are thinking using sequence words. First, Next, Last)

I think I would have the coolest time ever.

What do you WONDER?

(During your expedition what are you wondering about? What questions come to your mind?)

I wonder what  would happen if an earthquake hit.

Adapted from Veronica Vox Mansilla @ProjectZeroHGSE


Text Connections


What did you SEE in the Expedition that you can CONNECT to the text?

(Be sure to cite specific examples from the expedition and the text)

I see cool penguins.

How do you THINK the Expedition enhanced your understanding of the text?

(Be sure to use evidence from the text to support your response)

I think this is the coolest trip we did yet.

What do you still WONDER after experiencing the Expedition and reading the text?

(Write a reflection to extend your thinking i.e. What are you still curious about? What more do you want to know?)

I wonder if there will be an antarctic in 50 years


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