I want to play football

I think it would be cool to play football. Because I think it would be cool to playing on a team. And you get to tackle people. And you get a position. And you can switch positions.


 I would like to play as a QB, TE, SS, K, WR. In the QB position you can throw the ball or run the ball. In WR position you catch the ball or block. In the TE position you catch and block just like a WR. In the K position you kick the ball for a field goal. In the SS position you catch and hit.Who I want to play for. In college I want to play for Wisconsin or Michigan state or Washington Huskies. If i go to the pros I want to play for New england or seattle. peat carel is a good coach.For the community I would go to the hospital  and give kids my cleats. And donate money to charity. I would give my blood to a blood bank. And give back to my community. and I would visit my friends and family.What I would do for my teammates. I would come to anything that was important to them. I would help them with anything they want. If they didn’t have a nuff money for something important I would give them money.I would help them nomader what.      


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