May and June 2019


Our 118 trout were gently released into Muddy Creek in Brubaker Park. It was sad to see them go and we miss their antics in our classroom tank.

We would like to thank…

                                                                    DONEGAL TROUT UNLIMITED

for sponsoring our classroom tank and working with the PA Fish and Boat Commission to get native Brook trout eggs to our classroom so that we could learn to be stewards and care for our state fish. It was our privledge to care for those eggs and watch them grow and develop into alevin, fry and fingerlings. We learned so much and will never forget our experience this year.

Mrs. Whitson plans to participate in Trout in the Classroom next year. She loves it so much that she is now the Southeast Pennsylvania Teacher Representative for Trout in the Classroom for the state of Pennsylvania.

Language Arts

We are composing graphic novels which incorporate geography into a story. As examples we read graphic novels about Mount Everest (mountain), Titanic (ocean),Jane Goodall (mountain/jungle), Amelia Earhart (global geography) and Shackleton (ocean ice adventure). We noted the way a landform or waterform could impact a story and designed a graphic novel in which a specific setting, time period and classic storytelling are used.

Students are composing by hand or with software and even a combination of both. Our graphic novels will be printed out and sent home !!

Mrs. Whitson’s Mathematics Class:

We are reviewing all math skills and wrapping up our study of graphing and geometry before our big testing weeks begin.

Feel free to continue to practice multiplication and division facts so that our work is easy-breezy! has some excellent thinking games and strategy work for young curious minds! The philosophy is intriguing…check it out!

Round Tower          Venus Flytrap Decimal challenge          Pollinator Puzzles            Multiplication Ballast