Week of November 12, 2018


Language Arts


We completed all of our conferences this week! Students put forth their best efforts to complete challenging work throughout the past marking period. I was glad to be able to share their successes with you.

We are looking forward to our field trip, November 28th!  We are going to the State Capitol in Harrisburg and have a great number of chaperones with clearances. Thank you to everyone for being able to support our study of government. Our state capitol is a delight and beautiful beyond description. \Thank you to parents for completing permission slips at conferences this past week.

We are continuing our Module 2 work as we begin our new ELA class grouping this week.

Mrs. Whitson’s Mathematics Class:

We are studying multi-digit multiplication and long division. Also, we are learning to apply these skills in new situations and within word problems. Multi-step word problems have been challenging and we are making great progress.

We thank you for your beautiful work in our STEAM project ,  the Piet Mondrian Puzzle Challenge!  From Mathpickle.com, students designed modern art like Piet Mondrian. Students had an imposed set of rules and had to calculate the VALUE of the art based upon a formula in which the areas of the rectangles within the art were subtracted. The art design with the smallest value wins the challenge.


Likewise, we hope students are enjoying the GLOBAL MATH PROJECT. With over 5 million participants worldwide, we are enjoying exploring math and forms of thinking games which strengthen our critical thinking skills and strategy work.

Our students are designing games on their own based upon math, and some ideas from this visual math work have inspired students to create amazing and challenging fun math experiences for their peers.


Students are also learning games from around the globe! Magic Square from Asia and Mu Torere from New Zealand are a few. There is a video description in our google classroom if you are interested.

As a challenge, we are trying a great brain-building game which is from the continent of Asia called Kajitsu. This is a radial and mirror symmetry game which involves higher order thinking skills to determine the best way to fulfill the task of creating a figure with radial or mirror symmetry with a specific number of pieces and line of symmetry. It comes from math pickle.com.



Feel free to continue to practice multiplication and division facts so that our work is easy-breezy!

Mathpickle.com has some excellent thinking games and strategy work for young curious minds! The philosophy is intriguing…check it out!

Round Tower           Rainbow Squares           Pollinator Puzzles            Multiplication Ballast