Week of March 12-16, 2018


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Language Arts


Brook Trout are thriving! We have 35 healthy Brook Trout who are now officially considered fingerlings. They are well over one inch in length, and are sporting Parr marks. The trout now have Parr marks which make each individual easy to recognize. We are learning about how the Parr marks are a variation within a pattern. Students are happy to be observing the trout as they teach us about stream health, weather prediction predatory behaviors and cold water conservation.

Thank you DTU for helping us continue our research and study of Pennsylvania’s state fish.

We plan to release the trout in mid-April at Brubaker Park, Muddy Creek at 9:30 am. Release date will be announced when we have a better idea of the weather and availability of  some volunteers from DTU.

Module 5 has arrived and we will focus on reviewing for PSSA’s. Students are creating their own study plan and will carry out more individualized studies as the month progresses.

In addition, we are embarking upon a student generated research project to investigate an important site on planet earth. From the Acropolis to the Great Barrier Reef, students can select a man-made object, building or natural area. They will have a variety of ways to share their research and information will be coming home on Monday March 12th.



Students continue to work on their own blogs, graphic novels and integrated ecosystem study. SCROLL DOWN to the bottom of the page to find the blogs.

Mrs. Whitson’s Mathematics Class:

We are studying and practicing how to convert different forms of measurement: inches to feet or yards to inches, etc.  This will be done in conjunction with a study and practicum of area and perimeter. Students have built animals out of grid paper, participated in an outdoor measurement challenge and designed a mini-golf

As a challenge, we are trying a great brain-building game which is from the continent of Asia called Kajitsu. This is a radial and mirror symmetry game which involves higher order thinking skills to determine the best way to fulfill the task of creating a figure with radial or mirror symmetry with a specific number of pieces and line of symmetry. It comes from math pickle.com.

Student work with angles, measurement and conversion has gone very smoothly! However, we are looking for parents with clearances to help us review skills from 2:00 to 3:20 pm daily in math. These would be games and flash cards, just a fun way to shore up skills for a successful end of the year and PSSA experience. If you are available, please email which days you can help to rebecca_whitson@elanco.org

and we will be glad to provide you with a group of 2 or 3 students for a quick game or two Since it is at the end of the day. It is all review!


Feel free to continue to practice multiplication and division facts so that our work is easy-breezy!

Mathpickle.com has some excellent thinking games and strategy work for young curious minds! The philosophy is intriguing…check it out!

Round Tower           Rainbow Squares           Pollinator Puzzles            Multiplication Ballast




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