Week of April 30- May 1, 2018


Language Arts


We completed all of our PSSA testing this week! Students put forth their best efforts to complete challenging work. Thank you for helping students to rest well so they could shine for their assessments.

We hope to see you on our field trip, May 10th!  We are going to the State Capitol in Harrisburg and can use 4 more chaperones with clearances Please RSVP via the paper work sent home this week..

We are continuing our Module 6  TED talk research about a science subject! We hope to present our TED Kid talks to our peers then upload them to See Saw. WIsh us well with our presentations.

Students continue to work on their own blogs, graphic novels and integrated ecosystem study. SCROLL DOWN to the bottom of the page to find the blogs.

Mrs. Whitson’s Mathematics Class:

We are studying all skills and learning to apply them in new situations and within word problems.

As a challenge, we are trying a great brain-building game which is from the continent of Asia called Kajitsu. This is a radial and mirror symmetry game which involves higher order thinking skills to determine the best way to fulfill the task of creating a figure with radial or mirror symmetry with a specific number of pieces and line of symmetry. It comes from math pickle.com.



Feel free to continue to practice multiplication and division facts so that our work is easy-breezy!

Mathpickle.com has some excellent thinking games and strategy work for young curious minds! The philosophy is intriguing…check it out!

Round Tower           Rainbow Squares           Pollinator Puzzles            Multiplication Ballast