Week of December 11-15, 2017


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Language Arts

This week we are learning about point of view in literature, comparing and contrasting and how to persuade through writing or media. Students are reading and comparing informational as well as poetry!


On a very sad note, due to an unexpected power interruption, we no longer have trout. A new shipment of trout “fry” …about one inch long, will arrive in January. The children are handling it well. We discussed how sudden events can unfold in nature, and sometimes within our our classroom. That is why Brook Trout are known for being so sensitive to pollution and temperature, and we fully understand why they require so much care in a tank setting! We look forward to our new arrivals in January.

Students continue to work on their own blogs, graphic novels and integrated ecosystem study. SCROLL DOWN to the bottom of the page to find the blogs.

Mrs. Whitson’s Mathematics Class:

We are working with fractions, comparing fractions and adding fractions.

Feel free to practice multiplication facts so that our division work goes smoothly.

Mathpickle.com has some excellent thinking games and strategy work for young curious minds! The philosophy is intriguing…check it out!

Round Tower           Rainbow Squares           Pollinator Puzzles            Multiplication Ballast




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