My Kitten

My Kitten fic

Hi my name is Sophia I have a kitten named Glitter. Glitter is 1 years old. She is very playful and cute. One day she was not eating so I took her to the vet she was sick,and I felt bad. The doctor did not know what was wrong. Turns out she had the flu. She had to get 2 shots, and she needed to stay in the anailm hospital overnight for 3 nights. Finally I came to pick her up and when the doctor said she will need surgery I was very sad.  I guess that needs to happen to get her better. I said “see you in 2 days by”. When I came back she was all better. I was so happy. I brought her home and she was back to normal.The next day she woke me up. I played with her for 2 hour.After that we took a nap together. We had a great day. That was the end of the story

Should We Recycle?

In class we read an article about recycling.One first  author think we should not recycle as much only about ⅓. The second thinks that we should recycle about ⅔. As you can see these 2 authors don’t agee.

       The first author thinks that we should slow down on recycling.He said, The truth has a cost and not a small one a big one. He also said that it take lots of glass to take away a little of pollution. Then the trucks that take the glass away makes pollution.So it is just easier to use trees (Also said by author 1)

The second author thinks that we should recycle more and here are the reason why we should recycle.It is better for the planet. People make 2 times as much thash as Western Europe (Said by author 2).

My opinion is we should recycle and here are some reason why.We make 2 times as much trach as Western Europe.It is better for the plant.






  • My name is Sophia
  • I am 9 years old
  • I have 3 family members mom,dad,and Ava
  • I have 2 dogs Enzo and Scooby
  • My school is brecknock elementary
  • I live in pennsylvania
  • I live in a house
  • My favorite food is mac and cheese
  • I have a goldfish
  • My b-day is in april.



Career Story

  I want to be a singer.

When i am older i want to be a singer.

I like to write songs and sing. I like to make music. The only thing i don’t like is traveling. I don’t  like to travel. I will probably get paid $100 a month. I really want be a singer. I hope i will become a singer.