My 3 Careers

So when I grow up I want to be A vet because I help out lost dogs and cats and find their homes and help with the wild cats and feed them too.If I can’t be A vet then I want to be a singer or song writer because i sing super good. If i can’t get both then I would love to be A ballet teacher and teacher kids how to do ballet because some kids want to learn how to dance and they don’t know how .So that is why I want to be when I grow up.

Mary Anne Saves The Day

So the book that I am reading is Mary Anne saves the day. So it starts off as her day dreaming then her friend Kirsty calls her for the baby-sitters club up in Claudia’s room so they go up to her room Kirsty take the job for babysitting jamie and lucy and everyone else want to and Kirsty made a rule that they need to check with the group and then they all start fighting and Stacey calls mary anne a crybaby and Mary Anne goes off at the group and leaves the group crying and they are still fighting in the back then at school Mary Anne meets the new girl dawn and become best friends and if out the past that Mary Anne’s dad and Dawn’s mom liked each other and Dawn’s mom and dad are not together that is all I have.

The Truth About Stacey

So the book that I read was the baby-sitters club the truth about stacey.So the story starts out when she was born and were then she got sick and her friend stayed away from her and she was alone then they moved to stony brook and made new friends and she was part of the baby-sitters club and then they start to lose people that they had baby sitted from the babysitter agency and they had to come up with a new plan. that is the story that is read for 3 week it was so go you should read it too.

What I am going to do at Hershey park !

So I am going to Hershey park on June 04,2016 and I can’t wait to go because I am going to go on some of the rides like the super dooper looper . Then am going to the pool and we are going to eat some food  and we will go on some more rides we will get some cotton candy and some popcorn .Last we will go on one more ride some times we get toys and some chocolate and then we hit the roads and go back home and sleep!


On  Easter we woke up at 3:00 a.m. to drop off my mama and papa and we all said good bye to them.Then I got an Easter basket from EB ( Easter Bunny )  and got one tutti- fruity  jelly bean. Then we when to the store and had a little fun the we get home and I started crying  because I missed my mama and my papa.

The day i got hurt:|

  • On Thursday I was riding my bike with my friends at my mama’s house in the back so when I tried to turn I kelp going in the grass then I hit a car and hurt my hand and my knee then I hit my mama’s house and fell on the blacktop and got my foot stuck.