May 21

New Mexico School Shooting

New mexico school shooting



At Berrendo middle school in roswell tow students were badly hurt in a school shooting here’s the story.


At berrendo middle school it was a tuesday like every other tuesday.Or at least it was for a little.In the morning of a school day.A 12 year old boy pulled out a sawed-off-20-gauge-shotgun and walk in the gymnasium and opened fired were all the kids were handling to shield themselves from the cold.


Wile he was open firing he severely killed 2 student 11 year old boy and 13 year old girl.

While all this was happening a teach talked the boy into putting the gun down.There was no doubt that teacher saved a lot of lifes that day  


May 21

Warwick High School Accident

Warwick high school accident

At warwick high school it was a friday afternoon everyone was happy like every other friday afternoon.But while it was peaceful there the was a 63 year old woman driving a hyundai going reckless on the streets.The cops attempted to pull her over on the route 772.Which becomes orange street in lititz.Wich this lady was entering she caused many impacts by hitting several cars 8 to be percic.After hitting a black chevy her and her hyundai went airborne and came down on its roof.

That hole accident started on the 200 block west orange street

During that car accident this 63 year old women  injured 4 other people including two additional high school student and killed two students

information found:

Officers are still trying to figure out what made her such a reckless driver that day

comment why you think she was such a reckless driver that day

May 21

Bob’s way 3

Bob quick hook it onto the that branch.Yes i got on the branch.Good job,NOW START CLIMBING.Ok now help me up”jack said.What do think that was.OOO the map said’s that there’s a active volcano under us”jack said”.YOU HAD A MAP THIS HOLE TIME!!!!.Ya, why didn’t you tell me.Shhh i hear something.Get down look the guards are looking for us.If they find us were dead.We should climb up that tree ok.There walking past us be quiet don’t make a sound.Come on Bob think you got us out of a sticky situation before you can get us out of one again.Ok i have a plan lets lor them in to the hole that we fell in.Hayyy over here come on come and get me.Yes they fell in the might get a little hot in there.Good job Bob aren’t you seeing now that your smart’s is a gift.I guess so they are a gift.Then out of nowhere when Bob and jack were celebrating then they herd.Get down on you nees and put your hands in the air or we shoot you.Bob and jack had no clue were the the voice was coming from.Then the voice said it again get down on your knees and put you hand in the air.Sens they had no idea were the voice was coming from they got on there knees and put there hands in the air…To be continued

October 29

I Made this in 5th grade(personal injury lawyer)

Have you ever considered choosing a personal injury lawyer as a career? Well if you have, read this article.I will be telling you about what their education is, what their responsibilities are and how much they make. You might learn a thing or two while reading this article.

      A personal injury lawyer is a lawyer who provides legal representation to those that claimed to be injured.A personal injury lawyer has numerous responsibilities to his or her’s clients.Lawyers can concentrate their practices on certain areas of law which is typically  true of personal injury lawyers.Typically lawyers’ fees are based off on a number of factors which may include the time and energy spent on a case.Personal injury lawyers are regulated by a code of conduct established by the state bar association.

Personal injury lawyers have  many duties in aiding their clinics.  Once the state bar association licenses them to practice  law, the lawyer can file complaints in court argue case prepare legal documents and offer  professional legal advice to plaintiffs of personal injury.Personal injury lawyer help their clients secure compensation for losses incurred.These losses include the loss of capacity to earn inability to perform normal duties suffering,and pain.They also include expenses that may arise the loss of companionship,legal costs,emotional distress and attorney fees.An attorney should provide diligent responsibility of a personal injury lawyer is to help plaintiffs obtain just compensation for their losses.

A personal injury lawyer gets  paid about $56.81 an hour and between $81,000 to $164,000 a year.Some attorneys can make very large incomes.  For instance, patent
attorneys with several years of experience earn an average salary of over $200,000 per year.  Trial lawyers working for wealthy clinics can earn very large salaries-ranging from $500,000 to as much as $40 million per year.

The education of a personal injury lawyer would be to get a high school Diploma.Then get a bachelor’s Degree.After that  earn a law Degree. Next take the Bar exam.Then Take the Multistate professional Responsibility Examination MPRE. After that you have a continued Education.Then keep Gaining Experience to Advance Career For you bachelor’s Degree you half to go to school for about 4 years.And then you add a extra 3 years for your law Degree.So about 7 years of school and continued education

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By Alejandro Romero

This article was to help you to know more  about what you need to know a personal injury lawyer.And how the be one.who knows maybe you can be one.


comment something telling me if this was a good report or not you can be honest.

October 29

Global goal 6

There are lots of global goals but today we are going to talk about a certain one.Goals 6 clean water and sanitation.

What is clean water and sanitation and why is it important?


Well first of all what clean water and sanitation means is for everyone around the world to have quality and sustainable water to drink


Why this is so important is in about every 1 min 13,000 people are left   with diarrhea and about 4 children die from there water not being sustainable to drink.

Also when natural disasters happen like for instance hurricanes people are shooting each other on the streets for water that is drinkable

This is why clean water and sanitation is a very important global goal   

October 8

A little about me

1.My name is Alejandro

2.I have two dogs a german shepherd whose name is zen and is a boy and my bernese mountain dog whose name is ruddy and is a boy

3.My fraivit move is rampage fraivit sport is soccer

5.I like rollercoasters faivit color is blue

7.My fraivit food is seafood

I hope you learned something new about me

October 8

Under The Rug

Under the rug    

Once upon a time there was a man named Mr.Jenkins  he was a scientist that studied chemicals.And he live happily in an old house.Until one day he heard knocking at his door and there stood his wife that died 30 years ago  Mr. Jenkins fainted at first sight .Then Mr.jenkins woke up 3 hours later he thought it was just a dream but 2 weeks past and it happened again.But this time Mr.jenkins didn’t faint this time he was ready last time it happened he was not ready for it.  made a mixture of chemicals that could bring his wife back to life.When he saw his wife he spread the chemicals on her.But it didn’t bring her back to life like he planed.It  made her into this monster RAT! Quickly the rat under the rug and  disappeared into thin air.Mr.Jenkins ripped up the rug to nothing. Mr.Jenkins spirited into his lab and  grabbed a note that read 3=10=18 Mr.Jenkins ran to a bookshelf and pulled one of the books out and the shelf sank into the floor and  there stood a safe.He grabbed an key that he hid inside an old toothpaste bottle and put it in the key slot he took out  another KEY. Quickly Mr.Jenkins  ran to the rug and there was a hatch . Mr.Jenkins  grabbed his fake ID and left the country he chose his new name to be Omar an moved to the south pole to live with penguins.BY ALEJANDRO.R and  LANDON.F

October 8

Why are global goals important

Global goals


These are the global goals No poverty,No hunger,Good health,Quality education,Gender equality,Clean water and sanitation,Renewable energy,good jobs and economic growth,innovation and infrastructure,Reduced inequalities,sustainable cities and communities,Responsible consumption,climate change,life below water,life on land,peace and justice,partnerships for the goals,


Each one of these goals are very important because all these goals are problems all around the world than these goals are basically  summed up into all our world problems and if we can work together and achieve these goals our world will be right next to perfected

October 8




Peace what does peace mean well everyone might think different thing when they hear the word peace.But when i hear the word peace i think of the name Gandhi. If you don’t know how Gandhi is its ok because i will tell you.Gandhi was a man who thought vilets was never the way.But what i think peace is it’s a way to say something and show what you’re feeling but in a peaceful way without violets


And that’s what peace is to me

October 8

My World peace opinion

World peace

I think this world be more peaceful place if people weren’t so greedy.Now of day everything has raised prices.Our grandparents or our great grandparents would probably never believe how much price’s for everything has went up.Something that used to cost 25 cents cost 5$ now.Our something that used to cost a couple hundred dollars cost a couple thousand dollars!!!


And this is leading to what world hunger,people without homes.


So that’s my opinion if today’s world was’t so greedy the world would be a better place.