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I got glasses…

Well sadly two weeks ago on the weekend I got glasses…AND I HATE THEM!Cleaning them takes a long time and when I have my glasses on WOAH!Everything is bigger than before!I can really tell the difference!The only problem I have with my glasses is…When I look on the computer all I see is jumbled up words and it’s VERY hard to read the computer with my glasses!Welp now you guys know I NOW HAVE GLASSES!YAY!Just kidding I hate them -_-.

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Sustainable development

Something I can do to help my community in 8 hours is to pick up trash in my community park or if I see something on the sidewalk to pick it up.Another thing that I can do to help in 8 months collect weird shaped foods and use them for meals so they don’t go to waste.Finally how I┬ácan help in my community in 8 years is to buy food and donate them to countries in poverty.That’s all I hope you will help in your community like I will!

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Coffe cup on coffee beansCreative Commons License Marco Verch via Compfight

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Hello world!

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