November 29

All About Me

My name is Sabine, I am in sixth grade.

My favorite subject is math, though I’m not that good at it. I also have two pets, I have a cat and a dog. My dogs name is Champ and my cats name is Scar. Some of my hobbies include; cooking, reading, playing with my pets, writing, and well of course blogging. Something else about me is that I love fall, but I don’t like this fall. It’s been raining almost every single day that made me a bit sad but there is still something to look forward to…… Halloween! I can’t wait it is going to be fun, I mean you get to dress up and eat candy what could be better? Well that was a little bit about myself.

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November 29

Dragon Child

Hi I’m Sabine today I’m going to tell you a story. Now just remember this is all fake I hope you enjoy reading!

Chapter 1: The Escape

Once upon a time there lived a little girl named Ember. She had gorgeous red hair, and fine skin. She lived in an orphanage called ” Willow Street Orphanage.” Ember was never was the classroom type, she loved to actually do the things she read about. But she couldn’t, you weren’t allowed out of the orphanage unless someone adopted you. But of course no one wanted to adopt poor Ember. So there she sat in her bed, every night, thinking about what it would be like to have a family. Then she fell fast asleep. ” Wake up Ember!” said Mrs. Jacot but Ember just didn’t wanna wake up this morning, she didn’t wanna do the same old routine that she did since she could remember. But, finally Ember somehow managed to get out of bed and go downstairs to the breakfast hall. Ember was not at all impressed it always the old mush every single morning. But she did what everyone else did and just ate it. So Ember went on with her day doing the same routine that she could remember. But, tonight, that was all going to change. After dinner Ember went to her room where her roommate Krissy painted. Krissy dreamed of being an artist but Ember always told that in the real world that’s not how things work. This always made Krissy sad, she wished Ember would be more positive, but her wishes never worked. After Mrs. Jacot said lights out Krissy fell fast asleep. But Ember stood awake, in the dark, all alone. It was late in the night and Ember had a great idea, she would sneak out and never come back to this boring place. So that is what she did. She opened the window, and grabbed about ten socks, tied them together and then tied them to her bunk bed, then she slowly climbed down. This was the most exciting Ember has ever done, she was so happy, she felt so free. Once she touched the ground, she bolted away, she never wanted to go back to that place. But soon, she got very lost.

” Hello?” whispered Ember in a weary voice, ” Anyone here? I’m scared hello?” At this time she realized that she was not alone. All of a sudden she heard something rustling in the bushes around her. So, Ember stood there is sheer terror, afraid of what would come out of the bushes. Suddenly a small little dragon jumped out. Ember screamed, and then looked at the dragon, she couldn’t believed she just frightened by a small little dragon. But Ember was confused, at the orphanage she learned that dragons went extinct a few years ago, but was this true? She wasn’t sure, but she knew one thing she thought if she found the cave the dragon lived in, she could  stay there for some shelter. So she followed the dragon. But to her surprise the little dragon brought her to a giant wall of rock. Ember stood back in disappointment, when all of sudden the wall of rock turned into a door, the dragon opened the door Ember stepped into the door and what she saw was amazing. There were thousands of dragons, and Crystal houses, it was the most beautiful thing Ember has ever seen. Even the water was glistening, it looked like there were a million little diamonds sparkling in the light. Then, well lets just say the dragons were quite confused, and they didn’t like that. Dragons of all kinds started to charge poor Ember, so Ember did what every little eleven year old would do, RUN! So she ran, and ran, and ran, until she tripped over a small pebble. Now she was cornered, there were dragons on every side of her. They started to yell at Ember in a language she didn’t recognize. Suddenly, a huge black dragon, with scales that looked like the galaxies came up to her and said a strange voice ” Are you okay little girl?” said the huge black dragon ” Uhhh… Uhhh I.. I’m okay ” Ember said confused and still yet terrified. The dragon came closer, ” I am Luna, queen of the dragon kingdom” the dragon reassured. ” I am Ember, I am a eleven year old girl ” Ember stuttered. ” Now that is all over, where did you come from young lady” Luna said trying to calm the poor frightened girl. Ember didn’t say anything, instead she worried that if she told them where she was really from they would take her back, back to that horrible place, where everything is dull. So she lied, ” I actually don’t where I’m from ” Ember replied hesitantly. ” Is that so?” said Luna ” “Well until you can remember where you’re from, you’ll become one of us for the time being ” Luna reassured.

The next chapter will be coming soon!

November 29

Dragon Child

Chapter two: Where is Mr. Wise?

After Ember settled in she kept hearing dragons talking about someone named Mr. Wise, she was curious who that was. Ember walked up to a dragon, ” Excuse me sir, could you tell who Mr. Wise is? ” asked Ember. ” Mr. Wise?” the dragon asked puzzled. ” Mr. Wise disappeared two months ago, I don’t know to much information” the dragon exclaimed. ” Oh… that’s okay thank you for your help tho” Ember said in a disappointed tone. Ember asked many more dragons about Mr. Wise but there was nothing new, all they knew about was that he disappeared two months ago.

November 29

The Life of a Water Droplet

Once upon a time, there lived a drop.

       The drop lived with its family in a big glass.

One day it got very hot.

And suddenly, the drop and some of its family started started to float.

It rose and rose until…. it turned into something… some might say a cloud.

The drop of water was now something lighter… it wasn’t a solid, nor a liquid.

Then the little drop realized.. it was a gas.

The little droplet stayed in the air for a while then it felt heavier.

 Then…. without warning……. the little droplet started to fall.

Then… it realized that it was back home.

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The End

May 24

How guinea pigs got their squeak.

How guinea pigs got their squeak.

By Sabine robertson & Joseph schultze


Once a long long time ago

There was a guinea pig named Oreo. Guinea pigs were silent animals. Oreo loved to go on morning walks. But at the end of her walk, she had to run from a dog. The dog tried to get her. Nobody knew what it would do with Oreo. Then Oreo’s friend, Carrots the rabbit told her that she should get a noise. A screeching noise.

“Dogs hear noises higher than other animals. The dog will be really scared!” said Carrots.

Oreo couldn’t because  she couldn’t make a noise. So Carrots went to the sky god and asked “Oh god of the sky, Could you give Oreo a screeching noise?”

The sky god agreed. Carrots asked if the noise will frighten dogs. In return she got the sky god some peaches. So the sky god gave Carrots some lettuce.

“Give this to Oreo. It will give her a noise,” the sky god instructed.

So Carrots thanked the sky god and left.

Meanwhile… Oreo is at Carrot’s house.

Carrot said, “I brought you a surprise!”

Oreo ate the lettuce. The next day, while Oreo was walking,  the dog came and chased Oreo. Oreo got annoyed about it and then something incredible happened.


The dog got really scared and ran. The dog never annoyed any other guinea pig again.

That’s why Guinea pigs have a squeak!

May 17


So a lot of people ask me, What my favorite you tubers are. Well here they are and I’ll tell you a little about them as we go OK?

#1 Popularmmos, Because they are always making me laugh, They always make new videos and they also are they are always playing new games in minecraft and slither always doing challenges in mincraft and slither and the make me smile so that is why Popularmmos are at the top of the list.


#2 Gamingwithjen, Because she is Popularmmos wife, She also has a lot of funny videos, On her channel they do bath tub challenges the one time they did a cheese ball bath challenge is was so funny. So that is why Gamingwithjen is on second on the list.


#3 DanTDM, Well just because.


#4 Amylee33, Because she is very kind and in  her videos she always has like a sparkle in her voise.


So what is your favorite Youtuber? Please comment down below what your favorite Youtuber is.

March 10

This Weeks Weekend!!!!!!!

This weekend was a blast so far I’ve played game made food and squishes it was so much fun and I also learned about monkeys can hear from about one mile or so cool right yeah I love my blog it is fun if you don;t have a blog then you should get one it is awesome well that is my opine so yeah I also made some clay creations it is fun you should try playing with clay so yeah like said this is my weekend so far and i’ll see you later bye!Les GardiensCreative Commons License vasse nicolas,antoine via Compfight

March 3

The Cat And The Bat

Here is a story i’ll think you’ll enjoy a little story about two toys. One toy a cat one toy a bat now how about that, Now it was a beautiful day and stink-a-maroon when all the toy kings and queens joined about no toy were storing not even a mouse. Not even one toy was in there house. Not now of all days because they all worked hard cleaning and cooking for and doing there part now all the kings and queens all sat in a line ready to eat at the same time. For today of all days was a special one because every king and queen was there all in a line time to because it was dinner time and they would find they best of all a cook wearing a saw. So after they all ate there was a gig debate who will be the new cook and who would nothing but a nook and the kings and queens new who to pick was cat and the bat and old saint nick now old saint nick was a bear that the cat and the bat brushed it and so that is the story about stink-a-maroon I hope you enjoyed and ill be back soon!


The party's over... hehaden via Compfight Hanging Out program monkey via Compfight      hope you like the pics and the story bye!

February 28

The Epic Food Fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                       Sabine Marey Robertson


Ever wonder what happens when your school treats you to McDonalds? Everything goes sour goes when you have boys in the mix.  Let’s just say, there was a lot more involved than just this everyone was deciding what food they were going to get. Because the school was treating as to Mcdonalds and we were super hyped so after we got our couple trucks of food we took it to the cafeteria. But then out of nowhere Miley Cyrus crashed into the school and threw a big mac at skyler and and laughed. It was very ok wired  believe me I was their. Ok this is where it gets weird Sky flew in on a unicorn and threw ice cream at kyla.


This were Iven gets mad Michael jackson came in and sang beat it and put Iven in a dress and heels and makeup Iven was so mad but he looked so funny that is how it started now what happened.Then everyone started laughing and Iven was crying like a baby I felt sorry for him but it was still funny. But miley cyrus wanted everyone to stop making fun of Iven. Then I gave Iven a hug and said i’m sorry for laughing at him and he started laughing I do look funny Iven said and gave me a big hug back.

Now this is where things get ugly Draven came out of the cafeteria kitchen with a hot cocoa canon and he put boiling hot cocoa. Then talking chicken nuggets flew around the room  saying don’t eat me we are nice it was very creepy. Even Miss Wissler was in it she was throwing big macs and fries. Then everything started to get gross it started raining Ivens head and cookies that just gave me the creeps. Then miley cyrus came in with her wrecking ball and wrecked the school and then the school got up and danced away now that was a weird day at A few weeks later, when I was eating a big mac, I never thought of it the same. After that day, every time I go to McDonalds, I just started laughing at the thought of what had happened. Every McDonalds in the world has been changed forever in my mind.

February 27

My Sick Day Weekend ) :

Last weekend me and my brother had a gaming marathon it was sooooo epic we were gonna play slither.oi and  animal-jam and it was going to  be perfect but on Tuesday I got sick. So I woke up Wednesday night in pain my head hurt and my stomach to, I tried to go back to sleep but my dog was lain on me I just cloud not go to sleep. I woke up my mom who was sound asleep asking her for some tea. My mom said I might not be able to go ...eta musika, noski. Jaione Dagdrømmer via Compfight Jaione Dagdrømmer via Compfight 

I screamed I have to go to school I calmed down and drank my tea and read my story I was reading my moms old book from when she was a kid well I played some slither and then took a nap. I felt a lot better after Friday so Saturday I went to the park. Today I had a little pickle my little brother left the car light on and when my mom went to drop me and my brother off and the car didn’t turn on so our nabor jump started our van I thought I would be late but I was not I thought to my self I am so glad I was not late so that was my weekend and today hope you enjoyed my story .