Nicknames and Memorable Deliveries

Today’s blog post options both are sentimental in some way:

  1. What are the nicknames you have been given?
  2. What is the most memorable thing you received in the mail?

History of Nicknames

Nicknames can be used for places, animals, and people. They are an old tradition that can highlight the personalities of the person or just be a term of endearment. In America, it is a common tradition to give nicknames to public figures: “Honest Abe,” “Billy the Kid,” “Buffalo Bill,” etc.

GDJ / Pixabay

“We tend to think of nicknames as being slightly frivolous, even though they carry more freight than birth names,” they wrote. “They describe, record, imply, deride or deplore something specific about the person to whom they are attached. Birth names, on the other hand, mainly say something about the people who attach them.”


If you want to read more about the history of nicknames, you can read about them at this LINK. It is quite fascinating how nicknames are used in our society whether for personal reasons, to highlight an item (Air Jordans), or to bring attention to a public figure or actor (The Rock).

Some of my favorite nicknames that people have for me are Bekah, Hun, Sweetheart, and Double Deka Bekah.

Do you recognize any of the nicknames in this post (they are bolded)? If you do, write the nickname and their birthname counterpart in the comments below for a prize! 


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