Exploring the World!

PIRO4D / Pixabay

As Adventurous Wonders, we are constantly learning and exploring the world around us! This month, students have chosen a country of their choice to research. People may have chosen their country because they want to visit, they are intrigued with their culture, or because a friend suggested they research they country.

For research, we have been using resources from our online library database. CultureGrams and Gale have been two of our student favorites because of how easy it is to find credible research on their country. When we research we always want to make sure that our sources are credible and that we site our sources to give proper credit to those who have written the information.

After we research and explore our countries we will write an informative paper detailing the culture, government, economics, history, landmarks, etc. Once we have a rough draft, it is important that we share our writing with others for peer feedback. It is always good to have another set of eyes to edit our work. Then, we will make changes and submit a final draft of our essay. Taking unique facts about our country, students will create a brochure to share with others. This “travel brochure” is a fun way to share what we learned in a snapshot picture. OurĀ  brochures will be added to the classroom library for others to view.

Keep on exploring!

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