Martin Luthur King Jr.

What he is talking about is that when you add more darkness it adds more hatred. What the darkness represents are hatred and destruction. What the light represents are peace and equal rights. We can demonstrate it in school by respecting one another and helping each other out with hard things. The way we can do it at home is to respect siblings and other family members. The way we can do it ourselves is to do all of the things that were mentioned.

Tiger Rising

When Rob’s dad shot the tiger all of Rob’s emotions rushed out. The tiger was the only thing that was holding down his emotions so when it got shot everything just came out. When that happened for some reason Rob’s dad didn’t slap him. he was telling him that cry was something to be ashamed of. Rob was angry and he kept yelling at him. He started to beat him up and trying to grab his gun but his dad would not let him.

My 2019 accomplishment

One of my accomplishments was saving up enough money for the new star wars game that came out on November 11, 2019. When my cousin Gavin told me about it I knew that was the game a should save up for. I really wanted it but at the time it was still September. So every week from the beginning of September till November 11, 2019, every time I got the chance to mow the lawn I took it, even if I didn’t want to I still did it. Finally, on November 9, 2019, my family and I went to Gamestop and pre-ordered the game. After that when we picked up the game Jonathan and I went to The Rally and had a concert, went to Spooky Nook for 5 hours, and went to Shady Maple in the morning. By the way, the whole thing was in one night. That’s my #1 accomplishment of 2019.

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Trip to Penn State

My favorite part of the Penn State Campus was the library because you can work in there without being bothered. Also, it is a good place to go and collaborate with your peers because when you need to find something or when you need something to help you with your work you can find that. That is my favorite part about Penn State Campus

The day I got Mincraft

The day I got minecraft was the best day of my life after my friends went home I was playing minecraft. I got hooked to the game and I always played it. I biult a house the next day and I tried to teach my dad but it did not end up well at all. And Now I have built a bunker and I found a village in survival. That is all.Image result for minecraftImage result for minecraft