How to Comment.

How to Leave a Comment!

By: Courtney

Tips on how to comment.

Tip: 1.  Say something you like about their writing.

Tip: 2.  Add new information. ( Facts about that topic. )

Tip: 3.  Make a connection.  ( Say something that you can connect with. )

Tip: 4. End with a question. ( Something you want answered. )

Tip: 5. Proofread your comment. ( Make sure it makes sense. )


A different way to comment:

Some other people use stars,wishes and wonders.


Stars is: When you say something nice about their writing.


Wishes  are:  When you wish they would’ve  put more of this or more of that in their story or post.


Wonders are: When you have a question you want answered.


Those are some tips and ways to comment.