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Theme of Zootopia

Setting Change

Favorite Christmas Break Memory!

If I was a snowflake…

Spring! (Haiku Poem)


Sun Shines over Safford

Sunflower Season is Sweet

Spring has Some Showers



Homework is a waste of time.

It takes my entire lifetime.

Holding my pencil steady.

My pencil broke already.

I wish it was summertime.

What Are Desks Feeling?

I am a desk I am sitting in a classroom. All I do is sit around waiting until all the kids show up for their class. It gets hectic in the morning, I get banged on, which makes me mad! I always like it when summer break comes then I get to have secret parties with the other desks! But then school! Ugh, I hate when school starts all the wild kids that drive me insane! I wish that I could just run away but, I don’t have any arms! Witch makes me upset! If I had arms I would not be sitting here right now. Oh no the bell just rang darn it now I have another 8 hours with a bunch of wild and non-stop talking kids. No kids would make so happy, I just got 179 more days until summer vacation! Can’t wait till that happens.

What’s Up Leaves?

What would you do if you were a leaf?

            My life is perfect until winter and fall come around. I am beautifully green and just hang around on a tree. I get to see birds make nests in the tree and see other leaves get eaten by caterpillars.


            I keep hoping that I don’t get eaten or fall on windy days. It happens to so many of us that we don’t know what to do. I hope that I’m the last one off the tree but that never happens.


             Being a leaf we have one job to do, make the tree look beautiful. I always wonder when I’m going to fall, but I hope that day doesn’t come. But it will happen sometime.


            When spring comes around I get excited, but when summer comes around children are pulling leaves off of the trees. That is why I grow on the top, so nobody can reach me.


           When fall comes you know what happens we all start to fall!! Some of us stay on until the end of fall, but I don’t. But I at least try to stay on. But when it gets windy we all fall and we shrivel up and die. Then the kids rake us up and smash us like little toys!


            Oh no! I’m falling to the cold hard ground! I am going to die! At least I got to finish the story! Goodbye…

One Of The 7 Habits I Want To Work On

There are 7 habits, 1. Be Proactive. 2. Begin With the End in Mind. 3. Put First Things First. 4. Think Win-Win. 5. Seek First to Understand Then to Be Understood. 6. Synergize. 7. Sharpen The Saw. The one I want to work on is number 4 think win-win.

Think win-win is when you think about how you could win and another person win at the same time. The reason I want to work on this one is because I play a sport (Softball) I never think about win-win when it comes in a game. For example if I hit the ball with someone on third the other team gets me out I scored a run but I get mad because I got out anyway. I was thinking that I need to get on first so I could win, but I helped my team win the game.

The way I am going to work on thinking win-win is that I am going to not worry if I get on base, but if I helped my team win the game. Because me getting on base isn’t as important as me helping my team win the game. Even if I’m not playing softball I have a sibling (brother). I never think about how me and him could both get what we want at the same time because I want myself to get what I want (win). So it would help me in 2 different ways.

Comment down below which habit you would work on!

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My Avatar How it Represents Me!!!

This is my avatar! It represents me because I have glasses, my glasses are purple on the inside and black on the outside. Also because I have blue eyes I am the only person in my family (the people that live with me) that has blue eyes. I also have curly hair that I normally have in a ponytail. My shirt and my background is blue because my favorite color is blue! This is how my avatar represents me!

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