Here’s Some Facts About Me!! (15)

I will be giving you 15 facts about me, then in the comment tell me something special about YOU!!

I am 11 years old

I am in 5th grade

I have black and purple glasses

I have 2 dogs

I have 1 cat

My favorite subject is math

I play softball

I do gymnastics

My favorite color is light blue

I like to do art

I like to play on my phone

I have a brother

I like the Philadelphia Eagles

I have brown hair

I like Penn State Football

Hopefully you learned a lot about me!! Thanks for reading

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  1. Courtney that’s a lot of facts about you! What is funny is I posted a 10 facts about me on my blog to! I hope you can come visit my blog at: DO you know what website you did your avatar on because I forget and I would like to change mine! Thanks Bye! 🙂

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