Brittney and Emma! (Chapter 3)

The Field Trip to Crystal Cave!!

Their field trip was finally here! Emma and Brittney were really excited to go to Crystal Cave! ? Emma and Brittney sat together on the bus, and they played ABC on the road, it is a game to see if they can find all the letters in the alphabet before they get to Crystal Cave! It’s really fun! Emma and Brittney had so much fun they fell asleep on the bus! ?

Then they were refreshed and ready for the field trip! The bus ride was 1 hour and 30 min! They got there around 9:30 A.M.! Because they left at 8:00 A.M., and they did some Mad Libs on the bus then they went to sleep. Then when they got there they were really excited to go to their group! They were in different groups though they still had fun though!

But then just before they left something unexpected happened Crystal Cave started to cave in, and they were still inside the cave, it was going to fall over in 10 minutes inf they didn’t get out soon they would be as flat as a pancake!  ? And they didn’t want that! So they all started running out of the Cave they all made it out but Emma and Brittney they were a little bit behind because a BIG rock hit Brittney’s ankle and she couldn’t walk, so Emma had to help her so they were behind! But they got out just in time before the cave collapsed. Then the bus took them back to school and Brittney’s mom came and picked Brittney and Emma up from school! And they took Brittney to the doctor, the Doctor’s name was, Dr. Stew, and he said Brittney had a BROKEN ankle! Emma was really sad. ? So was Brittney. So they went home and Brittney had Crutches and a cast on her leg! The Dr said “that it had to stay on for TWO MONTHS” that’s a long time!!  

I’ll write another one don’t worry!

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  1. I liked your story. Did anything similar to that happen to you.

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