Brittney & Emma! (Chapter 1)

                                                                                     Moving In!

                                                                           By: Courtney and Emilee


There once were 2 girls named Brittney and Emma they lived in two different places until Emma moves into Britteny’s neighborhood. They become best friends and go on adventures!! ?


One day Brittney’s neighbor moved, and then a 15 year old girl moved in named Emma, Brittney and Emma are friends and they play together all the time. They became best friends they lived on Rainbow Road.  The road was the color of a rainbow!! It was a little different for Emma  but cool! Emma missed her friends back home which made her sad? but Brittney was always there to comfort her and cheer her up.


One day they went on an adventure to Hawaii to cheer Emma up. Then they packed their bags and the next morning they were on the plane. Then they got off the plane they thought this was going to be an ordinary vacation until something unexpected happens. They went to their hotel they unpacked and they went for a swim. Then they came back to their hotel and went to sleep until there was an earthquake!! And then they noticed a volcano was about to erupt!

Then they packed their bags and they went outside and ran around like maniacs!  Then they saw the volcano erupt and they saw the lava/magma coming after them and coming out of the volcano. Then they started to run the other direction away from the lava. And they started to SCREAM! And the volcano was so scared from their yelling that it put all the magma and lava back into the volcano and won’t erupt until 10,000 years later! Then they went home and they remembered the day forever! ?

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