Week 10 blog challenge! My blog right now!

How many post did you write?

24 posts

How many from school?

14 posts

How many from blog challenge?

9 posts

How many posts by you?

1 post

How many comments in all?


How many from overseas students?


How many comments from classmates?


How many comments from teachers?


Which post received the most comments and why?

About Harriet Tubman, because it was the first story I wrote.

Which story did you enjoy writing the most?

On The Hill Of Taco Street!

Did you change your blog theme?

No, because everything was where I wanted it to be.  And because I like the way my stories look on it.

How many widgets do you have do you think it’s enough or not enough?

9 Widgets.  I don’t think that’s enough because, widgets can tell people about you like for example: pets, because when you look at their pets they will think that they like that animal.

How many overseas students do you have on your blogroll?

5 overseas students

How many web tools did you use what kind?

2 web tools, A padlet and a video.

How many pictures?

16 pictures


That is what is on my blog right now!  



  1. I like how you have it organized. I wish you would add more detail. I wonder if you copied the questions from the blog challenge. I really liked your story. Please come and visit my blog and please leave a comment.

  2. Hi Courtney! I really like how you didn’t forget your labels. But I wish that the first letters of the words in your title would be capitalized. Did you count this post as a post?
    Please come visit my blog and leave a comment! 🙂
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    Have a great day! 🙂

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