Week-9 Blog challenge: Extra! Extra! Read About Easter!

Easter is a time when the Easter bunny comes and hides eggs inside or outside.  It is a fun time because you get to find plastic colorful eggs with either candy or money inside.  Or if you’re lucky you might get a note from the Easter bunny. ( If you’re lucky I said, but you must be really good to get a note also. )

We celebrate Easter because, the New testament states that the resurrection of Jesus.  And is a foundation of Christian faith.  Jesus Christ and his the promise of eternal life.  People believe  the word Easter comes from the pagan holiday honoring eostre the pagan goddess of Spring

which symbolized rebirth.

 Others believe the word Easter comes from the German word eostarun meaning dawn and white.  Easter is celebrated at the end of Lent on the last day of Holy Week.  Holy Week starts off with Palm Sunday the following Good Thursday the day of the Last Supper, Good Friday the day of Jesus crucifixion and Sunday the day Jesus rose which is now the celebration of Easter. 

What is your favorite holiday and why?


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