The Amazing trip to the Beach (With the Crabs.) #WK5STUBC

The Amazing trip to the Beach (With the Crabs.)

I went to the beach this summer.  I went with my cousins Ryley and Kailie.  My parents drove me and my brother.  My Uncle Mike drove Kailie and Ryley.  My cousins got there before we did because my parents had work the day we left, and my Uncle Mike didn’t have work that day.  It took us about 3 and a half hours to get to the beach house.  It wouldn’t of took us that long if we didn’t stop for supper at Mc.Donald’s.  When we got to Mc.Donalds we had to order inside and eat on the way to the beach house.  When I was done eating I took a nap.  When my dad woke me up, we were at the beach house.  My cousins were at a restaurant eating.  So my Uncle Mike gave us the one key so we could get in.  Then we had to unpack and we had to sleep on a bunk bed with Kailie she  got to sleep on the top and I got to sleep on the bottom.  My brother got to sleep on the bottom and Ryley got to sleep on the top.

The next day we were ready go to the beach we went I was really scared because the waves were really high!  Then I asked my dad if he would go in with me and teach me what to do when a big wave comes.  My dad said he would and kailie came out too.  Then a bunch of small waves came and my dad told me to practice going under the small waves. Then a big wave came and I dove underneath it like my dad told me to and I made it through!  I was really excited my dad was really happy for me.  Then he said “ You and Kailie can stay out now without me.”  I said “ Ok.”  Me and Kailie had a lot of fun.  Then it was lunch time I had a ham and cheese sandwich and a bag of chips and baloni with cream cheese inside it was really good.  Then we needed to wait a half an hour till we could go into the ocean again.  That is when we played in the sand. Then after a half an hour (30 minutes).  Then we went into the water again.  My dad didn’t come in with me.  He said “ You will do fine.”  I said “Ok.”  Then I went in with Kailie.  We had a lot of fun.  Then we had to go.  We went to our beach house and then we went into the pool.  Then we had to leave and we made s’mores when we got back.  They were really good!  I had s’mores all over me.  I had to take a shower after I was done.  Then we went to bed.   

The next day we drove and parked close to the beach.  We had to pay to park. (Or are car would get towed.)   Which is better my dad asked I said “ Us paying to park.”  He said okay then Uncle Mike payed today tomorrow we will have to pay for the car. Ok I said.  Then we went to the beach we didn’t wear sneakers duhh.  Why would you wear sneakers?  When we got there the water was really Cold!  Kailie was already in the water.  I said “ How are you in the water already?”  She said you should get in now to be able to get use to it.  I didn’t get in till it was around 9:00 or so.  I went in the water my dad came in with me.  The water felt really good.  I love to go under the waves.  It is really fun and cool.  Then my other Uncle his dad and mom came we had a lot of fun.  His dad said that he lost his flip flop ( he actually didn’t.)  Then these kids came with a blow up flip flop.  Then he said “They found my flip flop!”  We all started to laugh.  Then it was lunch time.  I ate the same thing I did Yesterday except I had a turkey sandwich.  Then we made a castle in the sand.  Then we had to dig a trench around the castle so the water wouldn’t ruin the castle.  Then we went back into the water.  Then I rode a Boogie board.  Then we went home.  And then we had to change and had to take a shower.  Then we went to bed.

The next day we had to start packing up.  Because that was the last day at the beach my family stayed home.  But we went to the pool.  We stayed in there for about an hour or two. When we got back my skin was peeling!  It was really weird my skin never peeled before.Then we came back and played a bunch of games it was really fun.  Then we had to leave.  When we got home the house was really dirty.  It looked like we haven’t cleaned our house for a month.  Then we cleaned our house.

crab-215170_640         #16STUBC

That was my trip to the beach!


  1. Great piece of writing Courtney. Just one thing I would mention is that you use then at the beginning of your sentences too much. You started 28 sentences with then.

  2. Okay I will fix that then.

  3. Hi Courtney! Great read, you have alot of good sentences. I would try to use more adjectives. Examples – Cold Water, Hot Sun, Funny cousin, big yellow beach towel, Square Shaped pool? It would help us get the right ‘picture’ of your trip ! Keep up the great work.

  4. Okay I will.

  5. HI Courtney
    My favorite part about this story was learning what to do when the waves come. I have not seen the beach (i was their before and young) before. You should check out my story starter post (

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