the trout are mostly staying at the bottom. the trout hit the food then eat it.none of the trout have died yet.


the trout know have  red fins. the trout have gron. the trout also have different parr marks.


I like your Vreality goggles and selfie stick.I like the picture to.


                  The Titanic  jammer is Declan \ 20

In 1912, the first cruise ship set sail for United States  .She was called the Titanic  .At first everyone thought that the Titanic was unsinkable, even i name is jammer and I am 20 years old .I wanted to visit new york city. 1st class tickets were $4,000, 2nd class tickets were $350, and 3rd class tickets were $40. Jammer got a 1st class ticket for $4,000.

I was walking around and got hungry. I decided to go to dinner. Then I went to my bed.i was sleeping, when i heard a noise at the bow of the Titanic. suddenly the front was under water. Then the 1st funnel fell off the ship.


The end

my writing goals.

my goals for writing this year are writing stories online for people to read.

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