My Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving I went to one of my relatives house and we ate ham, turkey, cranberry orange relish, clam stuffing, and cranberry sauce. We also had italian wedding soup and cookies. After that we went home to put my sister to sleep. Then we went to my friends house and ate more food. They had pumpkin pie, apple pie, sugar cookies, and coconut cream pie. My friends and I decided to go for a walk around 11:45 PM and we went to the park. The park was really scary at night and we all got scared.

We walked back to the house and my friend asked if we wanted to see her trailer. She got the keys and we walked in. It was really nice so we got food and blankets and stayed in there for two hours. We got really scared because the parents thought it would be a good idea to get a clown mask and knock on the door. We all screamed and I ran to the back of the trailer to hide only to find out that it was just a parent. Then we started hearing scratching noises and we got REALLY scared (The next morning we found out that another parent was under the trailer scratching trying to scare us). We all went back to the house and our parents left. We had a sleepover and had a blast. That was how my Thanksgiving went and I hope you had a good one too. Bye!

The Portal: Chapter One

Once Upon A Time In A Faraway Land……. “La La La!” sung a princess named Anastasia. Anastasia was basically a stereotype princess. She liked to sing, dance, and wear ridiculously long and poofy dresses. Although, there was two unusual things about her. First off, she loved unicorns and rainbows. The second thing that is unusual is that she is so happy, when her kingdom is so sad. The skies are always grey, the sun is always cloudy, and her castle is grey and black. Anastasia hated where she lived, but loved everything else. Anastasia’s parents would always scold her because she was a major daydreamer. She would daydream about the castle that she would make and about her ruling and making everyone happy.  

One day after her parents scolded her and sent her to go “Do something productive” (she didn’t understand what that meant) she went into the attic. Her attic was like a gymnasium because she lived in a castle. There were boxes everywhere and everything was dusty. There was pictures and old toys and silverware and lots of mirrors. She didn’t understand why, but her parents own about one hundred mirrors. As she walked around, one mirror caught her eye. It was a mirror about five feet tall with a pink lining and it was nailed hard against the wall. She wiped off the dust and looked at herself. Her dress was dusty and ripped, and her hair was a tangled mess from all the tripping over boxes and dust falling on her. She touched the mirror gently as if it might break, she didn’t know why she was being gentle, but it just felt right. To her alarm, her hand sunk right through the mirror as if it was water, and she let out a small shriek.

She jerked her hand back and fell backwards. She layed on the ground for a few moments, her mind spinning with questions. She got up, brushed herself off, and touched the mirror again. This time nothing happened. It took a few seconds, but her hand finally went through again. This time she was curious, so she took a deep breath, counted to three, and stepped through the mirror…….To Be Continued In Chapter Two

The Clown

Once Upon A Time…….. “AHHHHHH!” Screamed Adrianna as she was running down the street. Lets start from the beginning. It was a foggy and cold day and to Adrianna that was perfect for adventure. She was about to walk out of her moms bakery when…. “Adrianna! Where do you think you are going?” Adrianna rolled her eyes. Her mom was so annoying! “I’m just going out to explore. Bye mom!” She opened the door and slammed it before her mom could say anything. As she walked down the street she decided she would start at the Eiffel Tower because suspicious stuff is always happening there. Just last week a five kids were taken in two days. She wanted answers, so everyday she would walk around town looking for any clues and so far all she found was a shoe, a hair clip, and a button. As she walked down the street she heard someone whispering something she couldn’t make out. It sounded like “Asiansa”. She walked in the direction she heard it in and found herself in a weird shop calledJust Clowning Around” and the whole inside was filled with clown stuff. Sophie walked around the shop and noticed that it was a bakery, but every single thing they had had either a clown face on it or something else that relates to clowns. She decided to be nice and buy a cookie with a clown face on it. She shuddered when she looked at it, but it was pretty good.  She was just about to walk out when a clown ran up behind her and grabbed her by the hair and pulled her behind the counter and locked her in a small room. The room had a bunch of pictures of little kids and their missing person pictures and posters. She realized that she had found where all the kids have gone, the clowns have taken them. She saw that one of the posters was flapping against the wall, so she walked over and found a tunnel. Adrianna crawled through the small opening and found herself in a room with a bunch of little kids in cages whimpering and crying.  The cages had zip-ties for a lock so she ripped them off and told  all of the children to be quiet and she would sneak them out. She tiptoed out and so did the  children and she kicked the clown and she and the children ran out of the clown shop. All of the children ran in the direction of the police office but one of the clowns had grabbed Adrianna. She kicked until the clown finally let loose and ran down the street screaming. As soon as she got to the police office she saw all of the kids and explained everything to the officer. Adrianna led him down the street to the clown shop and he arrested every clown there was. The officer thanked Adrianna for her service and left. As soon as she got home her mom asked “So, anything exciting happen?” and Adrianna replied “No, not much.” she walked up to her room and fell asleep on her bed. 

The Story Of The Halloween Prankster

There was once a small village named Spooksville. Every year on Halloween the Halloween Prankster would pull a scary prank on someone. The town dreaded it because anyone could be a victim. This year a group of brave kids came together to debunk the Halloween Prankster. Their names where Suzy, Jimmy, Tommy, Mia, Liam, and Evelyn. They named their group The Spooksters. They went around town taking notes on people who look suspicious and the people who have reputations for pranking. They later gathered up their information and went to their clubhouse. Once they were all there they talked about the information they gathered. Suzy said that she saw a guy named Robert throwing eggs at an old lady’s house. Liam said that he saw a girl named Abriella do a prank where she hid in a box on the street and when people walked by she jumped out. They talked a little bit more when Tommy, the quiet one, said ” What if it’s Mr. Roberts? You know, the mayor of the town next to us.” Everyone stopped and looked at him in shock. He barely ever spoke, and all of a sudden he had. Mia slowly said “I think Tommy has a good point. He hates our town, and hates our mayor. It would make sense if it was him.” Everyone started chattering about the possibilities of it being him. They decided do an investigation and watch Mr. Roberts. They asked their parents to drive them to the next town over called Witchdale and they split up to find Mr. Roberts. Evelyn walked down a street called DEVIL’S ALLEY and saw Mr. Roberts walk into a store called Pranks Galore and decided to follow him in. She walked in and pretended to look interested in a doll mask. In the corner of her eye she saw Mr. Roberts grab a clown mask, pay for it, and hurry out. She quickly lost interest and ran out after him. She pulled out her phone and texted Mia saying she was following Mr. Roberts down DEVIL’S ALLEY and to come quickly. Evelyn put her phone in her pocket and ran after him. The next place he went to was a store called Bill’s Hardware. Evelyn thought “Why would he need tools?” She ran in and saw that he had bought some superglue and a chainsaw. She got scared and ran out. She saw Mia down the street and ran to her. She explained everything and showed her the direction Mr. Roberts walked to. They walked into a warehouse and didn’t see anyone. They rounded a corner and BAM! Mia and Evelyn were trapped in a cage. Inside was a note that said HAPPY HALLOWEEN and it was signed from the Halloween Prankster. Now they both knew that it was Mr. Roberts. They texted Suzy, Tommy, Jimmy, and Liam that it was Mr. Roberts and that they were trapped in a warehouse. Jimmy came and got them out while Tommy, Suzy, And Liam went to catch Mr. Roberts and take him to the police. They did all of that and were featured in the newspaper as Spooksville Town Heros.

Genius Hour: Cool Cake Decorating

Hey Guys! Today I was watching this video and said to myself that you had to see it too because it was so awesome. I would love to be able to decorate like this and hope to learn over the course of Genius  Hour. The video shows you cool decorating and also shows you a lot of different uses of fondant. Fondant is used kind of like clothes for a cake to make the cake prettier.

My Cupcakes

Hey Guys! Today our Genius Hour projects were due and since I did baking I made cupcakes and brought them into class today and let everyone try them. They were chocolate with a light whipped cream frosting and tiny marshmallows on the top with chocolate shavings and crushed peppermint. I really liked how they turned out and so did my class. After everyone was done eating my cupcakes, they had smiles on their faces. I think my project turned out to be a success. Bye!

Baking Safety Cautions


Hey Guys! Today I made a document telling you about the things you can do to be safe while baking, and also to be successful. I encourage you to make sure you do these things while baking because they will make baking much easier and safer. Bye!

Rosanna Pansino: Baking

I’m back again with another Genius Hour! Today I was surfing through YouTube and thought ” Hmmm, I should put one of my favorite YouTubers on my blog for Genius Hour. I chose Rosanna because she is a really good baker and you should check her out because she is also really funny. Here is her video and I hope you enjoy!

Genius Hour: Starting Off Easy

Hi! It’s Athena again and today I will be writing my first Genius Hour post. So I love baking, and I started getting interested by watching my mom. So I asked her “Mom, can I bake something?” and she said yes, but I had to start with something easy, so I did. I started with cookies, because those are the easiest thing to make. One recipe my mom and I did was Chocolate Peppermint Pattie Cookies. They were delicious and looked awesome.  We also made Frosted Root Beer cookies and those were also delicious. The final cookie I want to say is Big Jumbo Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies, and let me tell ya, we made these a LOT! So if you want to learn how to bake, start with cookies. My mom is a big inspiration to me, and I thank her for everything. Bye!


Genius Hour: Baking

Hello! It’s Athena and today I am going to tell you about something new my class is trying. It is called Genius Hour and we pick a topic and write about it. I chose baking because my mom is a food blogger and she is always baking stuff for her blog. So I am really excited to start this and I will have a lot of posts on baking in the future so stay tuned. Baking is a topic that I love because it is so cool starting out with lumpy batter, and comes out of the oven looking and smelling like heaven. So now you know what Genius Hour is and I hope you go check it out. Bye!