Fake News Summary

     Hey guys! So recently my class and I have been reading and text talking an article about fake news. Fake news is basically news that someone makes up and spreads a rumor about news that is fake. For example, someone could post on a fake website that someone saw a mer-squirrel, and that would be considered fake news because there is no such thing. Also, when people post fake news they photoshop pictures to make it look like what they wrote about is real but it was just a picture photoshopped.

     When people write about fake news they don’t always know that it is fake, because they will get it off of social media thinking that it is real, not fake. Sometimes people know that it is fake, but they will still re-post it to get followers and likes and other stuff like that. Some ways that you can tell that the news that you are reading is fake by checking your facts, seeing what website the news came from, and even just reading it and seeing if it makes sense. If you read it and it doesn’t make sense, then it is most likely fake news. If you do read something that sounds fake, look it up and then you might find that it was fake news, but you won’t always find out or not.



Genuis Hour: The Combination That I Chose

Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog. Today I am going to tell you about what flavor combination I chose for my upcoming project. I chose a coca cola flavor for the cake part, and a cherry buttercream for the frosting. The way that I got to choosing this was I first made a survey with a bunch of different flavors. Some of the flavors I had was a blueberry cake with a lemon buttercream, a brown sugar cake with a peanut butter buttercream, and then a pineapple cake with a coconut buttercream.  Then I just passed out the papers and my classmates voted and the one with the most votes was the cola cake with a cherry buttercream. I will link in a recipie so that you can use it to make cherry cola cupckes.  I will keep you guys updated with a post per week. Bye!


Genuis Hour: Good Cake and Frosting Combinations

Hey Guys! Today I am going to tell you about a project my class is working on and what I have got so far. I wrote down three baking topics, and then I chose one that sounded most interesting, and that was what are some good flavor combinations. There are thousands of combinations that some people like, but I am only going to go over the ones that sounded most interesting to me. I would appreciate it if down in the comments you would name a few of your favorite combinations so I can use them in my next post.

The first combination is apple cake with salted caramel frosting. The second flavor I found was dark chocolate cake with an orange buttercream, and to me that sounds very delicious! One more flavor that I found was orange cake with a vanilla chai buttercream. I will make another blog post that gives you more information about flavor combinations, but this is basically a starter post for me, so you should expect more flavor posts in the next week or two. I got all of these recipies from a blogger, and you can go check it out. Here is the link to the blog https://veenaazmanov.com/. I really hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did. Bye!

The Portal: Chapter Three

Anastasia and Lucille screamed as they jumped through the mirror. They were falling and once they hit the ground, everything went dark. Anastasia woke up in a medium sized room and was hit with pink. The whole room was pink from the ceiling to the floor. The bed was pink, the walls were pink, and the door was pink too! Anastasia looked around and saw a small door. She was curious, so she got up, walked over to the door, and turned the handle. She crouched down and crawled in. She found a room that looked exactly like hers with the same stuff and everything, but this time everything was teal. She heard a noise come from the bed and someone got up. Anastasia heard a girl say “Hello? Who is that?” and then Anastasia realized it was only Lucille.

Anastasia walked over and said “Lucille, it is only me, Anastasia. I think we are in a different kingdom, look out the window.” Lucille looked out and was amazed. There were a bunch of girls walking on the street, but they looked weird. Anastasia couldn’t place a finger on it, but she realized something was wrong with them. Then it hit her. “OMG! Lucille, those girls are plastic! Kind of like……BARBIES!” They looked at eachother and ran to the door. Luckily, the door wasn’t locked and they ran out of the strange castle and onto the street.

There was a girl in a princess dress, a girl who was wearing a bow on her shirt, a girl who was wearing cheetah print leggings and walking her dog, there was a girl who had blue hair, a girl who was wearing a shiny silver jumper, and a girl with curly red hair. All the girls walked over and asked a million questions like why are you fleshy and how did you get here and are you on a spy mission? They were overwhelmed! They tried to walk away but the girls didn’t let them. The barbies introduced themselves and the girl in the princess dress looked down at them and said “ Hello, I am Princess Belle and here is my kingdom, Barbania, I am not ready to rule yet, because I am only thirteen years old. I found you two on the side of the road and transported you to my castle. Did you have a good sleep?” and Anastasia stuttered “uh….yes?” and the princess exclaimed “Good! Now, come into my castle so I can ask you a few questions. Please ignore these girls, it’s just that they have never seen anyone who wasn’t plastic.” They got up and walked towards the castle.

When they got inside, the princess lead them to a room with big comfy chairs and clapped her hands. A minute later people came in with treats and drinks. Belle asked her first question, “Where did you guys come from, and why are you here?” Lucille said, “I am Lucille Branigan Ottsworth and I come from the kingdom of Candy Land. This is my friend Anastasia Ophelia Marigold, and she comes from the Kingdom of Rosaria. She came through a magic mirror from her kingdom, and then we came through a mirror from my kingdom. And to answer that last question, we don’t know why we are here.” Belle looked confused, but quickly figured everything out and said “Follow me, I have something to show you.” They were lead into a small room and  Bella showed them to a mirror that was hanging on the wall. It was a pretty sunset orange and it looked just like the other two. Anastasia and Lucille looked at each other and said “Ready?” then they grabbed Belle’s hand and without hesitation, jumped through the mirror.  

The Decorating Squad: Chapter 1, The Introduction

        Hello! My name is Melanie and just to let you know, my life is soooooooo boring, and not fair! Summer vacation is supposed to be fun and filled with excitement, not boring old attic cleaning! I just got all of my supplies which are windex,paper towels,a vacuum, an extension duster, a steam mop, a scrub brush, a sponge, and a bucket full of water. My mom said “Honey, before you go out to visit your friends, you must clean out our,like, one-hundred year old attic, okay sweetie-buns? Thanks honey, you are the best daughter ever! Now get to work or your grounded for life!” Well, some of that was exaggerated, but still, it was probably something like that. Halfway up the stairs, I heard footsteps come from the closet, and then I almost fell off the stairs, but I did drop all of my cleaning supplies, including the 500 dollar steam mop, but thank goodness my mom was out shopping. I cleaned up my stuff and walked back up, shaken, but figuring it was just a really, really, really big rat.

         The main reason I am cleaning out the attic is because I asked my mom if I could stop sharing a room with my sister, and she said the attic is the only space we have, so I took it. I got to work by first moving all the boxes of old junk to one side of the room, and then I was going to clean the one side. After I was done with all of this and got rid of the boxes, I painted my walls pinkish purple and moved in all of my furniture. My room looked like something out of a magazine! It was really pretty, and I was satisfied. Then my friend Becky called me and said “Hey girl! How’s it going? Did you get you room finished? Well, anyway I’m coming over and I have a great idea. I’ll be over in a minute. See ya!” and she hung up. While I was waiting for her, I went down stairs and got snacks. I got Cheetos, Pringles, Gummy bears, Sour Patch Kids, and cupcakes. For drinks I got Root Beer, Sprite, Fanta, and Coke. I placed it all on my table and heard my bell ring. I raced down to the door and let her in. She came in and said, “I have the best idea ever! It is going to blow your mind away!


Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

Hey Guys! Today I decided to post a video of Rosanna Pansio’s Fun Memoeries From 2017 because she is inspiring to me and she is a really great baker. This video shows some fun memories of her on shows, premires, and having fun times on her youtube channel, and some more fun times hanging out with her friends. I think it is really cool that she made and baking line, and I will defidently buy some of her stuff. I also think it is cool that she gets to go to all different places and gets to meet famous people. I would love to be like her some day because she is funny, smart, and just a fun person that would make a great friend. I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did, and hope you are enjoying 2018 so far, Bye!

The Portal Chapter Two

Anastasia gasped at what she saw. She saw a land with unicorns running freely and pink cotton candy clouds. There was a castle made entirely out of candy. The moat was filled with fizzy soda, and the bridge was a giant chocolate bar. The moat had Swedish Fish swimming around, and gummy alligators. The forest was also a wonderful sight. The trees were made out of Twizzlers, and the bears were all gummy. She almost fainted at the sight. She ran over to a gummy bear and took a bite out of his head. It was the best tasting gummy bear shehad ever eaten! She took another bite, and another, and another, until the gummy bear was gone.
Anastasia heard footsteps behind her and turned around. A girl her age was standing there, with a stern look on her face. The girl asked “What are YOU doing here? You should be in the village with the other peasants working!” Anastasia gasped at what this girl had just said. “I’m terribly sorry, but I am NOT a peasant! I am Anastasia Ophelia Marigold and the ruler-to-be of Rosaria You know, as in the Kingdom of Rosaria?” The stern girl shook her head and said “Listen, I have never heard of that kingdom before but I do believe that you are a princess because your dress was definitely made by a amazing seamstress, and those shoes aren’t cheap ones you would by at some village shop. My name is Lucille Branigan Ottsworth and this is my kingdom, Candy Land”.
After Lucille introduced herself she lead Anastasia across the moat into the palace. She explained that her parents would love to hear all about her. Lucille walked down a big hallway and opened a gigantic door. Inside was a queen and a king sitting on their thrones. Lucille bowed and said “Hello Mum and Dad, this is my new friend Anastasia, and I think you will like her”. Anastasia realized that they spoke with a british accent. She bowed an introduced herself. “I am Anastasia Ophelia Marigold and I come from the Kingdom of Rosaria. I have come through a mirror and do not know how to get home, would you please help me?” The queen and king looked at each other and said “Hello, I am King Chadsworth and this is Queen Charlotte. We do not know how to get you back to your castle, but you may stay here until we figure it out. Our servants will meet your acquaintance and we hope you have a wonderful stay, Lucille will show you around the castle so you don’t get lost.”
Lucille squealed and grabbed Anastasia’s hand and ran her down the hall to a gigantic room with two beds, a mini refrigerator, a mini oven, a microwave, a pantry, a flat screen TV, a couch, and a balcony. Anastasia gasped and asked “Is this your room? Back at home, my room is this big but not as awesome!” Lucille sighed and said “Yeah, this is my trashy room. I wanted my room to be more awesome, but my parent wouldn’t let me. They said something about having a shelf full of laptops would be too much.” Anastasia wandered around the room until a mirror caught her eye. It was lined with teal, and about five feet tall, just like the mirror that brought her here. Anastasia grabbed Lucille’s hand and ran to the mirror and jumped towards it. Just as she suspected, they went straight through the mirror.

Cookie Decorating

     Hey Guys! So today I decided to do cookie decorating because I want a challenge, and what better challenge than decorating a small cookie? I did this post because I thought “Well….. I love to bedeck my room, so I will probably love to decorate cookies!”. Something to remember is that you don’t want to add too much frosting because some kids and adults don’t like that, it all depends on who you are making it for*. If you are making cookies and plan on decorating them but don’t have enough time to bake them, you could always buy them at the store*. Royal icing is the best icing for the decorating job, but you could also use buttercream.

     When you start decorating, you should (if you want to) apply icing on the cookie. Then you should get a decorating bag and a tip of your choice and decorate.  If you don’t have decorating bags then you could use a plastic sandwich bag, but you wouldn’t be able to use a tip. You can use many different tips for many different things. Some things you will need (or want) while decorating are cookie cutters, decorating bags and tips, a toothpick of some sort (some types are boo-boo stick, regular toothpick, and a needle tool) , a brush set,  and some luster dusts. Those were all optional necessities that you could use, but don’t need.  I hope you learned some stuff about cookie decorating and I encourage you to try it sometime. Bye!




































*Here is my like to the website and article I got this information from:  https://discoverer.prod.sirs.com/discoweb/disco/do/article?urn=urn%3Asirs%3AUS%3BARTICLE%3BART%3B0000157957

How To Apply Fondant: Genuis Hour

Hey Guys! Today I will be teaching you how to apply fondant to a cake. I am really excited for this post because I want to learn more about fondant and how to apply it and make stuff out of it. So the type of fondant I am talking about is rolled fondant. First, you should play around with the fondant by patting it, rolling it, and tossing it so it is not stiff when you go to roll it on. Then you should roll out your fondant to match the size you need for your cake*. Then you should gently roll your fondant onto a rolling pin. Then, take the rolling pin and carefully unroll the fondant onto the cake. Then you should press your fondant onto the cake to make it stick. If your fondant doesn’t stick, then you should get a little bit of water and brush it on, then stick it on the cake. Cut off the access fondant around the cake with a knife. Then you have your perfectly decorated cake! Bye!


* Here is the link to my resource: http://www.wilton.com/how-to-cover-a-cake-with-fondant/WLTECH-416.html

My Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving I went to one of my relatives house and we ate ham, turkey, cranberry orange relish, clam stuffing, and cranberry sauce. We also had italian wedding soup and cookies. After that we went home to put my sister to sleep. Then we went to my friends house and ate more food. They had pumpkin pie, apple pie, sugar cookies, and coconut cream pie. My friends and I decided to go for a walk around 11:45 PM and we went to the park. The park was really scary at night and we all got scared.

We walked back to the house and my friend asked if we wanted to see her trailer. She got the keys and we walked in. It was really nice so we got food and blankets and stayed in there for two hours. We got really scared because the parents thought it would be a good idea to get a clown mask and knock on the door. We all screamed and I ran to the back of the trailer to hide only to find out that it was just a parent. Then we started hearing scratching noises and we got REALLY scared (The next morning we found out that another parent was under the trailer scratching trying to scare us). We all went back to the house and our parents left. We had a sleepover and had a blast. That was how my Thanksgiving went and I hope you had a good one too. Bye!