The Day The Zombie Apocalypse Came: Part 2

Wendy screamed. She found her parents and a bunch of other kids parents. They were about to get attacked by zombies. Wendy quickly grabbed a metal bar and whacked a zombie in the head. The zombie fell over and disintegrated. So Wendy did the same to the rest of the zombies, and her parents ran over to her and cried for a long time. When they were done crying the rest of the parents asked where their children were. Wendy led them to her house and showed were the children were. Wendy sneaked away and went outside and locked the doors, so everyone was safe. She then grabbed 45 metal bars and gave them to the parents so they could kill the zombies if the zombies attacked. She then went to get an apple and ate it quickly. She then found the adults talking silently to their children. She found her parents talking. When Wendy walked over to them, they stopped talking. They looked at her and cried again. Wendy decided to lighten the mood and make a joke. “Stop crying, or I’ll whack you with a metal bar.” and her parents started to laugh. She was happy they were all together again. Then she made a plan. She decided the adults would go fight, while they would stay and help the children. The adults got armor, and took the metal bars and headed out. When they got out, they decided to kill all the zombies at once. The whacked all the ones in sight. They walked all over town 5 times to make sure all the zombies were gone. Luckily, they were all gone, and they decided to clean up the town for when they get home they can play outside again. 5 hours later the town was back to normal. All the families were together again and happily walked back to their houses. Wendy and Layne met a new girl named Sabrina. Turns out Sabrina was Wendy’s long lost friend from second grade. They went to preschool together. But then Wendy stopped going to that preschool and moved and they never saw each other again until a girl from Wendy’s school named Kara was friends with Sabrina and Sabrina brought up Wendy and Kara was like, Hey, I know her. And now they are all friends.  

The Day The Zombie Apocalypse Came: Part 1

It was a rainy day and Wendy just wasn’t feeling herself. She knew her friend had sort of ditched her for a boy, and she knew she just had to be alone. That day in gym, her friend, whose name was Layne, was gonna sit next to Wendy, but Wendy said loudly “No! Just give me some personal space!” and Layne just gave her a surprised look. Wendy was going through things she couldn’t really explain. The night before her birthday she was crying, and her parents offered to get her a psychologist. She thought about it and said to herself “Yeah, that would be nice.” So she told her parents yes. She felt strange. She was losing her friend to a boy, and she was a tad bit strange. Not like crazy, just like depressed. The next day her psychology class started. The lady was really nice and like to listen to everything she said. The lady recommended some things to help depression, and they wrapped things up.  The next day Wendy went to school and sure enough, Layne was hanging around with that boy. Wendy ran to the bathroom and cried. She didn’t know what her life was coming to. ” Why am I here?” Wendy thought. She had thought she had no purpose. As she found, She had an empty heart. She knew it. Her heart was just……empty. She sighed and went to class. When she got there, nobody was there. There was no note about where they were. She decided to ask a teacher. No teachers, or students were in the building. As Wendy walked outside, she found that the whole population was gone, she was the only one there. Wendy had then heard crying. As she walked down a dark alleyway, she was surprised by what she saw. She saw Layne sitting there crying and saying “It’s happening! It’s happening!” Wendy decided to ask “What’s happening?” Then Layne pointed behind Wendy and said “The zombie apocalypse.”  Layne and Wendy screamed, because the zombies had seen them, and were coming. Wendy the screamed to Layne “Quick!Over the fence. My house is near. We can hide there” and they ran to Wendy’s house. When they arrived, they found a bunch of children hiding there. Wendy and Layne ran in the house, locked the door, and helped the children. Luckily, the children were fine, and the zombies were no where near the house. Also, Wendy’s house had no windows for the zombies to come in through. They double checked the doors were locked and put all the kids down for a nap. Also, the house had 35 rooms, which was just enough for all of them. They had 10 rooms left. Wendy and Layne started to wonder where all the adults went, and how the kids got to the house. They decided Wendy was going to go out and find people while Layne stayed home and helped the kids eat and stuff. As Wendy walked out of the house, she decided to go to a house and find civilization. As She reared up to another mansion, she screamed………

Gossip Girl

Okay, so the title is like that for a reason. Today I will be talking about gossiping and talking behind people’s back. So just recently a girl talked trash to one of my other friends in a text. I am in a group of four friends, let’s call them Sasha, Trish, and Alice. You see, I am not too close of friends with Sasha, but I am close with Trish and Alice, but that doesn’t mean I’m not friends with Sasha, we just aren’t the best of friends. So anyway, Sasha was texting Trish and Sasha said “I don’t like Athena and I think you and Alice are way better” and I found this out when Trish told me over the phone.  That really hurt ,my feelings when I found out. So everyone don’t be like Sasha and talk trash behind their back, and if that happens to you, I’m starting a thing in the comments that I call an advice column. What you do is write about a problem you are currently having and I’ll give you a solution, but remember, don’t say people’s names and make up fake names for them like I did in this post. See you in the comments. Bye!

Paisley, The Life Sized Fairy

You could call Paisley normal, if you had wings sticking out of your back.  She was a life sized fairy that lived in the Black Forest in Germany. She was really pretty and her skin was a pale pink and she had a sparkly hot pink dress, she also had pale pink hair that shimmered in the sunlight.  She was really nice, so she got along well with the unicorns, mermaids, and her other fellow faries.  One day she was minding her own business when a person came through the enchanted forest looking for adventure. Paisley saw him and hid behind a tree. She thought ” I had better go warn the others!” so she sneakily flew through the forest and warned the unicorns, faries, and the mermaids. They all hid in their habitats. The unicorns hid in the section of the forest that was all pink and fluffy. The faries shrunk and hid in their wooden cottages in trees. The mermaids hid in their underwater castles. Lastly, Paisley shrunk and flew to the unicorn habitat because she was pink so she built her pink fluffy house there to blend in.

The stranger was wondering around amazed. He then called out ” Hello? I’m a Canadian explorer  looking for some forest life and was wondering if anyone could help me” . Paisley then realized he was nice and turned human sized and made her wings disappear and quickly dressed as a human. She answered ” I think I can help you.” Then he walked over to her and introduced himself to Paisley “Hello, beautiful, I am Shawn, and I am looking for forest life, but I think I already found some, you live here right?” Paisley blushed ” Yes, yes I do. Would you like me to show you some forest life?” and he answered “That would be great!” so the two of them set off, but Paisley quickly sent a sent a message with her brain to the creatures, But first she introduced her self.

When they got to the unicorn habitat, it looked like the rest of the forest and the unicorns changed to horses. Shawn snapped pictures while Paisley explained ” These are my wild horses that I feed and let roam through the forest.” Shawn answered “They look very well groomed and shiny”. Then, they made their way over to the the mermaid habitat. It looked like a regular river, and the mermaids changed into fish. Then, they strolled over to the fairy habitat. The fairies turned into dragonflies that glow. Afterwards, Paisley and Shawn had lunch in her cottage. After Shawn left the forest, Paisley put on her wings, but what she didn’t know was that Shawn was coming back. Shawn was walking back but realized that Paisley was sooooo pretty and wanted to stay, so he turned around and went back to her cottage. When he got there Paisley was wearing her wings. When he walked in, Paisley screamed and hid. Shawn then realized she was a fairy and came over to her and said ” I love you even if you have wings sticking out of your back” and Paisley came out and they had tea and talked. Shawn then started to live with her. A month later, Shawn and Paisley got married and lived in harmony with each other, the other fairies, mermaids, and unicorns.

All About Me

photoMy name is Athena. I know, it’s not a name you hear everyday, but I like it. My name separates me from everyone else. Its almost as if my name says ” Yep, I’m unique!” So, back on track, I have REALLY blond hair and LOVE  wearing braids. I also really like wearing tank tops. And my mouth is always smiling. I also have ocean blue eyes. Also I’m really pale.

Last Week of 2015-2016!!!!

It is CrAzY to think that this is our last week of school for the 2015-2016 school year.  I do not know about all of you but it sure has gone by fast.  We all struggled and gained throughout the year.  We had success and failures this year. We grew both physically and academically.  Our writing has grown into a blog and our blogging has grown into creative thinking.

Blogging is a journey and I am proud of what my students have accomplished.  We took on the Student Blog Challenge and some of my students were rewarded by placing in the top 5 for the Eddie Awards!  None of us expected to win.  It wasn’t about winning.  It has always been about growing and learning.  I have seen my students grow in writing.  I have heard their ‘voice’ start to develop in their writing.  Blogging has allowed us to write to a global audience.  We have traveled around the globe reading and commenting on posts from students on every continent (except Antarctica).

In a globally connected world, it is vital that our students be exposed to cultures beyond the school walls.  The Student Blog Challenge has helped my students connect globally and they have learned about the world beyond the textbook, beyond a video.  They have communicated directly with real life people in countries thousands of miles away.  I have tried to explain to them that writing is the most powerful tool they will ever learn to use in life.  Writing can be used to bring down governments or build them up.  Writing can spark ideas in others, move emotions, and even can help others learn.

I’m proud of all of you! Don’t ever let anyone silence your voice!  This world is yours, stay connected, be creative, and keep blogging!

~Mr. Geiman

Reflecting: What A Year!

end-1373696_1280Q. What did you learn about yourself this year?

A.  I LOVE writing and I really improved because of my teacher.

Q.What areas did you grow in this year?

A. Writing,  and reading in front of people.

Q.What areas do you need to continue to grow in?

A. Punctuation

Q.What are your strengths?

A. Reading, and writing

Q.What are your weaknesses?

A. Punctuation

Q.What  your favorite class and why?

A. Reading. Because I’m with a really funny teacher and I’ve always been good at reading.

Q.Explain how you felt about blogging in the beginning and how you feel about it now.

A. At first I felt like ” big whoop!” ( sarcastically) and now I feel like ” This is awesome!!” (not sarcastically.)

Q.What do you want to do better for next year?

A. Staying focused and being organized.

Q.Which post/ story do you feel is your best. Explain why.

A. Well….. I don’t really know? I guess all of them, Because I worked hard on them all.

All About PA: Poem


Part One

My state is Pennsylvania

Sometimes it can be a bore

Sometimes I wished I lived in Transylvania`

It probably won’t be a bore anymore.

Part Two

Pennsylvania has a lot of cars

And a lot of shops too!

I wish the cars could fly to Mars

Oh, and the shops have loads of shoes.

Part  Three

So, Pennsylvania is my state

It has a lot of stuff

Pennsylvania is not a place to hate

My favorite food is Fluff.

(Fluff is a marshmallow spread.)

Hope you liked my thing, Happy Blogging!!!

(P.S. Don’t forget to comment below!)

Star War Adventure

Star Wars Adventure (with Dora and Elmo)                                                      


Once In  A Far, Far Away Galaxy… Princess Leia just escaped from Darth Vader’s clutches.  Meanwhile, on the planet of gummy bears, Luke Skywalker was battling the head gummy bear.


“ Get away from me you evil stormtrooper!” Princess Leia screamed.

As she screamed she pulled out tazer lipstick and tazed the stormtrooper .Then a stormtrooper came and picked her up by the hair and whispered “I won’t hurt you.”

“ I think you already did, get off my hair it took me an hour to do that.” screamed Princess Leia. “ I am Han Solo.”

Meanwhile on the planet of Gummy Bears Luke Skywalker fell to the ground and then started eating the head gummy bear. Then he finally got to the gummy bear headquarters to rescue Chewy. When he got there, Chewy thanked him and then they both heard beeping and turned around to find a bomb! They both ran out just when the headquarters blew up. After that they ran to the Millennium Falcon.

When Luke Skywalker and Chewy got home, there was someone at their door, and guess who that was?….. Dora, Dora, Dora The Explorer!!!! She asked them if they would let her explore their house. When they let her in, she grabbed a 1,000,000 dollar vase and threw it at the wall and and screamed “ HA CHA!!!” then started grabbing random valuable stuff and throwing it to make all of it break. When they threw her out then they heard pounding on the door, then they heard a crash and Dora came running in. She dropped of the vase and said “Aloha”.

Luke said “That’s not even Spanish!!!.” Then Dora said “ Kon’nichiwa” in British.

Chewbacca said “ Uhhhh.” Which meant, “ That’s still not spanish!!”  

Dora says  “Bonjour.” Leia and Han flew in and Leia screamed “ THAT IS STILL NOT SPANISH!!”

Then she says “ Hola”

“Correct,” says Han Solo.

Now Dora says “ Hello.”

They all say “ I give up.” Then Dora leaves.

The next day they heard another knock at the door and Leia went to the door and said “ I told you not to come ba-” then she saw who it was and said  “Oh, sorry, I thought you were Dora”

then Elmo said  “It’s okay, I know Dora. She’s my friend” then he said “May I come in?.” When Leia let him come in, Elmo started throwing up on the clean, stainless, super-bright, white carpet. It was the color red. Then Leia made him leave he said “ I can clean my mess up watch.” Elmo threw up on the whole carpet then. “ See now people won’t know that I threw up on it they will think it is supposed to be red. Then he finally left.  When they got all of that cleaned up they went to blsh blsh blsh land and had a great time!

The End