My Thanksgiving

Hey Guys! Today I am writing about how my Thanksgiving went. On Thanksgiving I went to one of my relatives house and we ate ham, turkey, cranberry orange relish, clam stuffing, and cranberry sauce. We also had italian wedding soup and cookies. After that we went home to put my sister to sleep. Then we went to my friends house and ate more food. They had pumpkin pie, apple pie, sugar cookies, and coconut cream pie. My friends and I decided to go for a walk around 11:45 PM and we went to the park. The park was really scary at night and we all got scared.

We walked back to the house and my friend asked if we wanted to see her trailer. She got the keys and we walked in. It was really nice so we got food and blankets and stayed in there for two hours. We got really scared because the parents thought it would be a good idea to get a clown mask and knock on the door. We all screamed and I ran to the back of the trailer to hide only to find out that it was just a parent. Then we started hearing scratching noises and we got REALLY scared (The next morning we found out that another parent was under the trailer scratching trying to scare us). We all went back to the house and our parents left. We had a sleepover and had a blast. That was how my Thanksgiving went and I hope you had a good one too. Bye!   

What I Did This Weekend


     Hey Guys! So last week was my birthday and I decided to have a birthday party on Friday and Saturday! I invited three of my close friends and we had a blast! My mom got us loads of candy and chips, but who’s complaining? My one friend had to go home early because she couldn’t sleep over, so that kind of stunk. We ate candy and pizza and chips, drank soda, watched TV, and talked a lot! My mom said we could stay up, and we totally did! We literally stayed up till about 2:30 AM, and it wasn’t very hard because when our energy ran out the energy from the candy kicked in. Then we had a major dance party and the FaceTimed and texted a person for about two hours, and our conversation was interesting. When we decided to go to bed, I was the first one to fall asleep. When we woke up my mom made us waffles for breakfast and then we went outside to skateboard. Then we came in and watched TV for a little while. I decided that my room looked like trash so we cleaned that mess up a little bit. Unfortunately, they had to go home at 12:30, so that made me sad.

     Once I got home from dropping my friends off, I had to pack an overnight bag because my sister and I were sleeping over at our parent’s friends house while they went out for a night. Our parent’s friends came and picked us up and drove us to their house. We played outside and had a great time. Then we went shopping for things for dinner, and that probably took no more than 30 minutes. Around 8:00 PM we went downstairs and ate popcorn and trail mix and watched TV. I ended up going to sleep around 10:30, so the next day I was pretty tired. I woke up and went downstairs to the smell of bacon. I ate my breakfast and then my parent’s friend gave me some nail polish and I did my nails. She had some very pretty colors! Then we played outside for two hours and then went to Dairy Queen for lunch. I got some chicken tender and fries and then saved some fries for my blizzard. I ended up getting a cotton candy blizzard, which was delicious! Then we went home and my dad picked me and my sister up. I had a lot of fun this weekend but now I am very tired. I really hope you had a good weekend too! Bye!

Fake News Summary (Fixed)

Hey guys! So recently my class and I have been reading and text talking an article about fake news. Fake news is basically news that someone makes up and spreads a rumor about news that is fake. For example, someone could post on a fake website that someone saw a mer-squirrel, and that would be considered fake news because there is no such thing. Also, when people post fake news they photoshop pictures to make it look like what they wrote about is real but it was just a picture photoshopped.

When people write about fake news they don’t always know that it is fake, because they will get it off of social media thinking that it is real, not fake. Sometimes people know that it is fake, but they will still re-post it to get followers and likes and other stuff like that. Some ways that you can tell that the news that you are reading is fake by checking your facts, seeing what website the news came from, and even just reading it and seeing if it makes sense. If you read it and it doesn’t make sense, then it is most likely fake news. If you do read something that sounds fake, look it up and then you might find that it was fake news, but you won’t always find out or not.