what this quote means to me

“Show respect to people who don’t even deserve it.Not as a reflection of their character but as a reflection of yours”.This means to resect people even if they are disrespectful to you.It also means that you should respect adults even if you don’t like them.

what this quote means to me

“show respect to people who don’t even deserve it.not a reflection of their character but as a reflection of yours”.this quote means to me that you should show respect to people that do not even deserve it because if you show them respect they will hopefully give you respect back.

Tiger Rising

Rob changed because he started to cry. He changed by that because he used to never cry.He changed by not saying three letter phrases.that is different from that because he used to just say three letter phrases.

tiger rising

Rob’s dad shot the tiger for Rob’s safety.When Rob saw the tiger dead he was sad and Sistine was sad to.When rob saw his dad holding the rifle he ran to his dad and got angry so he kicked and smacked his dad.When his mom died he cried at her funeral and his dad smacked. So he thought crying was something to be ashamed.his dad smacked him because he did not want to cry.

my new year’s resolution word

My word is drive. That is my word because I want to get better at golf. That word makes the most sense because you have to drive the golf ball. That is why word is drive.

accomplishment of 2019

My biggest accomplishment of 2019 is trying baseball again. When i first tried baseball my coach was really mean. After my first year  i said i would never play baseball again.

thankful for friends


I am thankful for my friends. The first reason is because they help me through hard times.The second reason is because they are nice to me. The last reason is they help me when I am confused about something.that is why I am thankful for my friends.

Penn State Berks Campus tour

The coolest part of the tour was the library because I got to see what a library is like in a college. The stem challenge was fun because I got to build a roller coaster what I also liked about it was their was competition. One question I still have is that do they have college baseball,basketball,football,and soccer there?

when I got madden 20

I was thankful because I got the newest one that was out.I was also thankful because some kids that can’t get the game but I was lucky that I got the game.The third reason is that I had enough money to get it.The last reason is because I had the xbox one to play the game.

I’m glad i can read.



I’m Glad i can read because


  • I can read a story
  • I can build legos
  • I can play video games
  • I know how to build stuff
  • I know how to read instructions
  • I can read a book

That is why i like that i am able to read. If i did not know how to read i would not be able to do all those things.