Types of Blog Posts!

Here is a reminder of the types of blog posts you should be creating.

Types of Posts (use a different post each week):


  •       Passion blog

○       Write about something you are passionate about. Find something that you love or hate and share your passion with your readers.

○       Instead of simply gushing about (or bashing) your topic, your goal is to share your knowledge about the subject and perhaps persuade us to feel the same way.


  •       Class-related response

○       Respond to something that we are reading/discussing in class.

○       By “respond,” I mean that you should present your understanding of, opinion about, or confusion about the topic.

○       You can discuss a literary text that we’re reading, a language issue, or other topics we address throughout the year.


  •       Outside text response

○       Respond to a text of your choice. Texts can be books, TV shows, films, blog posts, news articles, news broadcasts, videos, or more.

○       By “respond to a text,” I mean that you should discuss something you’ve seen or read outside of class and share your response to it. The text could be something that made you think, confused you, made you happy, made you mad, interested you, or more.

○       Remember to provide a well-embedded link to your source text (near the beginning of your post so your reader will know what you are referring to early on).


  •       Interdisciplinary post

○       Write a post about something you’re learning in any of your other classes. You can discuss concepts, articles, media, experiments, etc. Writing is a thinking process, so blogging about a concept from another class can help solidify your thinking about it.


  •       Current events post

○       Write a post about a current events topic. Explain the event and share your thoughts about it. To find current events topics go to the link below: http://www.timeforkids.com/news


  •       How-to

○      Inform your reader how to complete a task or situation that you are especially good at. This can include steps or directions, but it must be written by you (No copying and pasting directions from online!)


  •       Respond to a quote that is meaningful to you

○      This can be any quote you particularly like. Include the quote itself and your interpretation or significance of the quote.


  •       Journal Entry

○       Write a post about your day or a day you had recently. Use narrative writing techniques in your post. Make sure what you write about is school appropriate.

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