What happened to christmas


By: Brendon, Dalton & Dimitri


On christmas day every kid in the world got coal, none of the gifts they wanted only coal. let’s see what happened before santa came house to house to give coal. “It’s three weeks before christmas” Santa said. “We need to make toys for these children.”  Mrs. Claus comes into the toy factory saying, “Calm down Mr. Claus the elves try to make toys as fast as possible, eat some cookies.” Santa sat down and ate some cookies and Mrs. claus took over and every one was happy again.


One week later Santa wasn’t feeling well but he didn’t want anyone to know he kept on doing his job. Later that day everyone was perfectly fine but there is a new reindeer that was just born his name was rudolph he had very shiny nose he was just a tiny little baby reindeer and he had good times with his brothers and sisters. A day later elves are making toys faster than ever they’re making one million toys every minute, ‘the jollyness in the world is skyrocketing with the more jolly spirits in the world the workers in the north pole will work faster” Santa said ‘this is wonderful’ Mrs. Claus said. It was Christmas Eve theft gifts. They land at the last house and give them the gifts but Jeffry steals one of the gifts.


Santa felt sick very and was transforming into krampus! All the reindeers on the sleigh turned evil they pushed the re one little boy in particular name Jeffry who woke up to a banging noise he heard so he ran downstairs and it was Santa he fell over and was in pain he told the little boy “help me with my get please” Jeffry helped him up. Santa said “you know what how about if you help me tonight because I still don’t feel well” and then they both got on the sleigh. Santa said can you read me the names he read him the names to him and they delivered lots oboy off the sleigh but Rudolph didn’t get infected so he saved the boy and brought him to a save place and said “your ok i’ll save you and make Christmas better than ever”. Jeffry was so happy and he said “thank you Rudolph I believe in you”. Rudolph set off to save Christmas and he found an ancient magical vase and trapped krampus in it.


Years later Jeffry was 15 and it was the week before Christmas and all these years Santas long lost brother found new Reindeers and replaced his brother Santa. Krampus was trapped in a vase in a castle basement. A guy named Anthony was 27 and was exploring and came across the castle, he opened the vase not knowing what it was and what was inside it. Krampus pushed him and ran out he was up to no good, he was gonna rewen Christmas. The bad demon was gonna make Christmas the absolute worst. Anthony was running in horror and fear not knowing what just happened.


Back in the north pole with the new Santa and Mrs. Claus had saw about this on tv because Anthony had it all on camera and reported it. This time it was two weeks until christmas. People had heard about Krampus and heard that the castle he was at was haunted. Rudolph didn’t know that he had brought Krampus to his 

own castle. They heard a voice and saw something go in front of them and go around. They were creeped out at it and started to believe that it was a haunted castle. There was a big bang then the people screamed and ran out the door. Krampus stayed and they had lots of evidence on camera it went on the news and was reported. It became the big thing everyone was talking about it. Rudolph heard about this and was worried Krampus was going to try to destroy christmas for good this time. Rudolph quickly ran to Santa and Mrs.Claus he told them the terrible news and they said we have to save christmas again. Just then a little kid was playing with Frosty , and Rudolph told Frosty what happened so then Frosty told the



kid “i’ll be back its serious”. Frosty and Rudolph wore talking on how they were gonna save Christmas. They went to the castle and “said come out we will solve this”. Krampus came out and Frosty froze him in place with his freezing power, while Rudolph made his eyes hurt with his bright nose and Krampus couldn’t blink. Krampus got unfroze and went out of the spirit into the body and fell over, they put him in a vase and froze it. Then they burned it and blew it up, Frosty and Rudolph saved Christmas for good.

The end 

save the turkey

Once there was a turkey named chippy. And thanksgiving was around the corner so the farmer was getting ready for thanksgiving. But chippy did not want to get eaten. So he came up with an idea to dress up as a duck but the problem is that he is in a cage so he can’t get the custom.  


First he needs to think of a way to get out of the cage so he tries to open the cage but the cage is locked. So he tries to fly out of the cage but it is to high and he can’t fly high enough he tries for a little and no luck. He tried to open the gate it is locked he tried to fly over the gate it is to high.


But then he thinks of a way of he said to himself i’m going to dig my way out. So he tried to dig out but it did not work the problem is that he can’t dig. But he tried for a little but then he gave up so he sat there and tried to find a way out but no luck with this one. But in one moment there was a big gust of wind and knocked open the gate. He got up and run out of the cage and at last he was free.


Chippy quickly ran to the barn and he opened the door to the barn and ran inside  he did not see the duck custom at first but then he ran up the stairs and then there it was the custom he was happy and safe at last from not getting put on the dining table. He closed the barn door and went with the ducks and he was safe from the farmer at last.


Bobby joe meets killer clown

6treOne Day Bobby Joe was going trick or treating and he saw a clown in a distance he yelled “Owen is that you” and the clown kept walking towards him. Bobby joe stood in one place and Owen came up behind him in a witch costume and Bobby joe peed his pants. Then the clown kept walking towards Bobby joe and Bobby joe screamed started running at Bobby joe and Bobby joe ran to his house and locked all the doors and then he heard a voice saying “come here little boy then Bobby joe heard a crash and a chair went flying past his head. Then he heard footsteps in the basement then he heard “AAAAAAAAAAA HHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” and then he

the door creak open then Bobby joe ran outside and he got in his bugatti and drove to Owens house and then he accidently ran Owen over. Then Bobby joe took Owen to the hospital and Owen when he got back to his house he went to sleep. Then Bobby joe went to Owen’s house and he didn’t answer his door and Bobby joe went inside to look for Owen but Owen was nowhere to be found then he saw a trail of blood leading to the basement then Bobby joe went in the basement to go find his cousin Owen. Then he went down and he saw markings of blood on the wall and then he tripped over something in the basement then he ran upstairs turned on the lights and went back down then Owen was laying on the floor then Bobby joe picked up Owen and he heard a laughing noise and then he ran upstairs and then he put Owen in his bugatti then they drove away.


To be continued

Bobby Joe part 7

One night Owen was dreaming that he could fly and touch the sky. Then next day Owen said “I’m going to fly like a birdy… OH LOOK A BIRDY.” Bobby Joe said “that’s impossible” then Owen knocked  Bobby Joe out cold then Bobby Joe  said “BRUH DON’T DO DAT.” Then an eagle ate the bird and the policeman ate the eagle and the shark ate the policeman and said “YUMMY fish dinner.” Then a mino ate the shark. Then the next day they went to school the teacher Mr. Arena resaled an alligator first Mr. Arena was riding the alligator like a donkey and said “ HEE HAW HEE HAW!!!!!” Then Owen and Bobby Joe said “that was ridonkulous and that was legitness.” Then a rhino poked Owen and he said “MY BOIZ THAT HURT COUSIN.” Then Owen grabbed Bobby Joe Then  Owen and Bobby Joe when to a museum and they when to the bathroom and  got locked in. Then they when to a temple and mummies were surrounding it and they were chasing them down the street and Bobby Joe said “see you in a lake” and they went into the woods and then two mummy’s came and they knocked them out cold and dragged them in lake and Bobby Joe said “OH FRESHWATER!!!!!” and drank the whole lake and Bobby Joe said Owen “did I get fatter” Owen said “no not at all.” Then Bobby Joe got stuck in the doorway. Then Owen said “IT’S WEDNESDAY MY DERRYS HEE HEE HEE HEE.” Then a beaver slapped Owen from the great wall of china to Yellowstone National   Park in North America Owen got up and said “that was unfortunate MY COUSIN” then the beaver said “what was that MY BOIZ.” Then Owen said “it was me you stupid beaver” and the beaver said “I’m not stupid I just like turtles.” Then Bobby joe and Owen were walking home in the jungle and a coconut dropped and knocked Bobby joe out cold. Then the coconuts took Bobby Joe to the dungeon and said “red bull gives you wings.” Then Bobby Joe said  drank a redbull and got wings and he flew in the air and a dragon burned him with his fire breath.



To be continued :By Madix, Dimitri and Nathan

Bobby Joe part five





 One day Bobby joe was at the beach with his cousin  Owen and they were in the water they were hanging out with the other friend Jeff. Then 2 seconds later the lifeguard yelled “Shark everyone out of the water then Jeff disappeared then Owen and Bobby joe swam as fast as they could to land luckily they made it they sat down on the beach then a shark with legs got out of the water and started chasing them down the street, Owen was crying his eyes out no like they actually fell out.  Then the shark said “I have you right where I want you” then he started I’m a birdy and he flew away then Bobby joe said  “bye cousin” Then Owen said “Shark get us a boat then one appeared.” Then they went on the boat then the boat flipped and Bobby Joe fell off and the shark said “yummy fish dinner.” then Owen said “have your fish dinner” and also said “Bye cousin see you in heaven” Then Owen said cousin didn’t your mom tell you not to play in a shark’s mouth.”  Bobby joe said “Maybe yes no NO!” then he dove out of the shark’s mouth. He swam to the boat as fast as he could then he jump up out of the water and his cousin Owen grabbed his hand and pulled Bobby joe up on the boat and the shark jump up and bit Owen’s hand off Owen screamed “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” then Bobby joe drove Owen to the hospital in Bobby joe’s bugatti. Then Owen got rushed to the emergency room and got a plastic hand put on. Then when he was driving home he crashed. Then he bought a ferrari and then drove it to the hospital and took Owen home and then Bobby joe went home. The next day Bobby joe was driving to Owen’s house and Owen was outside playing in the street with rocks and then Bobby joe accidently ran Owen over in his car. Then Bobby joe started  to think I wonder if the shark had anything to do with this. Then when Owen was healed they went to the beach again the shark came out of the water on his feet Owen screamed AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then Bobby Joe started to beat the shark then the shark screamed AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then Bobby joe and Owen started running and then Bobby joe said “not today to the shark and jumped on top of him and ran in the water Owen looked in the water all he sall was blood and he screamed “my cousin” then Bobby joe went up to heaven but he didn’t make  it and he fell off the cloud and splash right into the water then he go up and yelled “WHAT JUST HAPPENED!!!!!”  then went to the snack stand and Owen and Bobby joe bought the whole snack bar and with all the snacks in it. Then they went to the dock with their fishing poles and tried to catch the shark that killed their friend Jeff


To be continued By :Madix and Nathan and dimitri

bobby Joe part six



Bobby joe part six


One day Bobby joe was at the beach and he was fishing for the shark that killed their friend Jeff Owen said “bring it on shark” then the shark said “BRUH DON’T DO DAT” then he jumped out of the water and grabbed Owen and took him in the water the there was blood everywhere in the water and Owen came to the surface and Bobby joe said “what was that blood from in the water” then Owen said “I spilled my juice box it was fruit punch. Then the police came and said “I dropped my donut” then the policeman started crying and Bobby joe said “if you like donuts so much why don’t you work at dunkin donuts and eat all the donuts and get fatter.” then the policeman said “I’m pinokeyo and his nose grew 999,999,999,999,999 feet. Then his nose smashed through jupiter’s cousin neptune. Then jupiter bit off the policeman’s nose. The policeman said to pinokeyo “your under a rest!” so he arrested his self. Then Bobby Joe and Owen said “he’s dumber than a sack of potatoes. Bobby Joe said “bye captain underpants.”. Then the policeman said “get in the car.” to himself and he said to Bobby joe “can you drive me to the prison they will understand.”. Then he said to Bobby Joe “oh at least I’m not godzilla’s poop.” Then Bobby Joe said “you should live under a bridge.” Then Owen drank a full bottle of hot sauce and Bobby joe said “you nasty”. Then Owen said “Square up”and Bobby joe knocked Owen out cold then Owen’s pet turtle jumped on Bobby joe and started gnawing on his head. Then Bobby joe yelled “MY BOIZ THAT HURTS” then Bobby joe picked up the turtle and jumped off Mount Everest and body slammed the turtle onto a car and the turtle said “YOU HURT ME COUSIN” right in Bobby joe’s face. Then the policeman got out of prison and went to dunkin donuts and got fatter by eating chocolate donuts. Then the policeman  said “why am I so fat” Bobby joe said “because you ate 100,000,000 chocolate donuts.” The policeman said “I need one more chocolate donut” then Bobby joe gave him the donut and then the policeman exploded. Then his dog said “bye cousin.”  Then the shark jumped out of the water with his mouth opened then the donut jumped in the shark’s mouth then Owen said “didn’t your Mom tell you not to play in a shark’s mouth” then the donut said “what’s a Mommy I don’t have one” then the donut said “this is where my journey ends.” Then the shark swallowed the donut and a whale ate the shark then the dinosaur ate the whale then Bobby joe ate the dinosaur then the policeman ate Bobby Joe. Then the policeman said “I ate jupiter I think I’m going explode then he exploded then Bobby joe flew and hit mount Everest then Owen laughed so hard he fell into the water then Bobby joe said “oh fresh water” then he drank some then he picked up his friend greg and threw him across the earth then he caught him and threw him all the way to pluto than pluto caught him and pluto threw him back to earth and he landed in a fire pit and he said “my butts on fire my butts on fire my butts on fire” then he jumped into the lake and Bobby joe said “oh more fresh water” then he drank some. Then he drank the whole lake and he burped and flew around the galaxy 30,000,000 times then Owen said “bye cousin see you in 300 years or heaven what ever one comes first.” Then Bobby Joe came back 300 seconds later Owen said “it’s been 300 years ok I’m going to heaven” then a bird pooped on his face and fell on the turtle and he burned from the ugly smell. Then another turtle came out of the lake and jumped on Owen then Bobby joe tackled the turtle off of Owen then Bobby joe knocked it out cold and it popped like a balloon. Then Owen turned into giraffe and Bobby Joe turned a turtle. Then they both turned back and said see y’all in a lake. Then the person said “I’m too ugly to die.” “Then Owen said but you’re not too ugly to get fatter by eating chocolate donuts.” Then the person said “that’s true now stop yelling at me you’re not my Daddy”

To be continued…

                            By Madix and Nathan and dimitri

the missing Diamond


One day there was two teens, there names were Josh and Max. They were twins. They had a crime to solve. They lived in Mexico,puebla. One day they were at the park they playing football with other friends. One hour later they finished the game. So after the game they went home got a snack and went to bed. The next morning they woke up at 6:30 to get ready to go to school. They went to school at 7:00. They packed their lunch before going to school. They packed their lunch because they had a field trip. They were going to the museum. They went to the museum for the whole day. They came back at dinner and they brought so much rocks. The next day they went back to the museum and they saw the first diamond that was made. It was not there when they got to the museum. The diamond gone missing. So Josh and Max went to the police station and told them that the diamond gone missing.the end…

what a life is as a 4th grader

What A Life Is As A 4th Grader

By: Samantha & Dimitri


Hello everyone our names are Dimitri and Samantha we go to Blue Ball Elementary School which is in lancaster. Also we are in the same reading class.So our daily routine is going into our classroom and unplugging our computers and type.Then after 15 minutes we go to reading class.Reading class takes 2 hours long.Then after reading class we line up in the hallway to go into our homerooms.So when we get into our homerooms we put our reading stuff away then we plug our computers in.After that we have specials.Our specials would be like art, library, music, gym, stem.Stem is like science and you learn about really cool stuff. So after that we have science it is just like stem but you learn different things. Then after that we have recess then lunch. So after that we go to our homerooms to get our math things and line up in the hallway. Then we go into our math rooms and then it is takes 2 hours long. So in the middle of math we have our 20 minute recess. Then we line up in the hallway to go into our classrooms. So then we are in our classroom and we pack up our stuff to go home. Last we get on the bus to go home.


The End:)

fighting big fires

Fighting big fires

One day there was 2 turtles and 2 giraffes and there names were max,bob,jeff,zane and they were best friends and when there was a fire they would fight the fire.one day there was a fire and not just any fire it was a wild fire so they could not fight this fire so they went to the planet gertols and asked all the gertols to come and help they said yes so all the gertols came and so her was 20 gertols and so they went home and got more gertols they got 10 more gertols.so they went to the fire and one gertol said oh” man we need more gertol sso they went to the gertol market and got all the  gertols, then they got 30 more gertols, they went to the fire and said well that is enough gertols.so the gertols fight the wild fire…

The end.