March 26

The Teleportation Food Fight


Kunie Razzi Lemlon was a very special kid. He lived in Japan, and he was in 8th grade. He was just turning a teen. His friend Lozzy, was his best friends and have known each other since 1st grade. But these weren’t just any ordinary kids. These kids were very special. Both of their families had heirlooms of a special power they were granted of the past of their family. Both of their families had… teleportation powers! It was crazy when they first found out, too. But now let’s get to the part where fight starts.

So their family luckily had found an army to help them with war. This isn’t any normal cool teleportation magical war either. They were in war with other teleportation armys. But, the person who declared war (General Koozu, he’s on our side), he had said that everyone must use FOOD to fight. They had to use actual food and throw it at the enemy. These were the units: Tanks used HUGE ketchup and mustard bottles, Assaults used water that was with food coloring, Hunters used chicken fingers, General¬† Koozu used a combination of syrup with french fries ( that would be tasty), and finally the hold backs would guard the heirloom in their base with olive throwers. If you try to drink or eat the food or drinks your automatically out. The two armies were battling over their heirlooms to become more powerful. If you get tagged by any food or drinks or other stuff ant least 10 times, you will be out of the war. If you are at 9 hits, you are in down mode. Your teammates that are on your side can save you but the other team can finish you and your out. So now let’s get started.

“Get in your positions!” General Koozu said. Kunie and Lozzy were hold backs, so they guarded the base. They looked at the huge blimp in the sky. It showed “1:00 remaining until war starts”.¬† “Okay here we go Loz, are you ready?” Kunie often called him Loz instead of Lozzy. It made him laugh a lot when they were young. “5, 4, 3, 2, 1, prepare for battle!” They got in their positions. The assaults were charging at our team first. They were pushing through. 1 of the assaults already got through the others and got to the tower! There were 10 over 1, though. They fired their olives and took him down and finished him. “Woo Hoo!” They all shouted. The general on the other team (General Roza), was pushing very hard and the assaults on their team kept coming through! “What are we gonna do?” Lozzy said. Kunie teleported to the side of a rock and got hit with a chicken nugget by a hunter! “1 hit.” he told himself. He teleported quickly back and told his friends and fired olives once again. They took him down! But then suddenly, his friend was shot with mustard and ketchup and got 7 hits! Kunie thought to himself,¬†“Will Lozzy make it in and stay in the game or…?”


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5 thoughts on “The Teleportation Food Fight

  1. Cindy Appleby

    Hi Logan,
    I loved all of the description about the different kinds of food that were being used in the food fight. I can just imagine olives soaring through the air. I think this section is the best part of your story. So how do they use their teleportation powers? Do they say a special word, close their eyes, imagine themselves somewhere else? I think lots of people wish they had teleportation powers!

    You’re doing a good job keeping up your blog!

    North Carolina, USA

    1. petersl969 (Post author)

      Hi Cindy.
      I was going to put in the story of how they teleported but I didn’t have time and I needed a new post. I think it was like it was a juice that was in their body that could make them teleport wherever they want with their eyes an then they focus on that area and then their eyesight becomes white and then they are there. Thank you for checking out my blog!

      1. Cindy Appleby

        Wow, that sounds very cool. It is definitely a complex story that might take more than one blog post. It is a good technique for getting people to come back to your blog and check out the next installment. I will look out for the next chapter!
        My daughters and their friends did a YouTube video series called Living in the White House, which they released in episodes. You should check it out!


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