No. Stars Chap. 1-5 Prompt

Noah: Italics

Kyle: Bold


I think that when the kids ran into the Nazi guards, Annmarie was affected because she never saw guards before. When she did, they weren’t friendly at all, in fact, they yelled at them. I think this because if I were annmarie, I would be afraid of the guards too.


By making her scared of the Nazis and whatever they were doing. The guards also affect her by helping her know more what’s happening around her. She was also affected by them trying to trick their parents by asking them if it’s her new year and they said no. It also made her fear for her friend Ellen.


She was also affected because if the guards found out that they were Jews, they would be in big trouble. If they knew that they would get in trouble, they would be very scared and it would affect her whole life. She was also affected by telling herself that she wouldn’t put another person’s life in front of her own. Overall, these were our ideas on why Annmarie was affected.

Week 6 Blog challenge: Food

America’s favorite food is the Hamburger/Cheeseburger. Burgers are every were in the U.S even restaurants like Antonio’s Pizzeria. The Cheeseburger/Hamburger is very famous in the U.S it was made in the U.S and is here to stay. Hamburger/Cheeseburgers are usually served with lettuce and tomatoes they are also served on a bun. I personally like cheeseburgers better because the cheese makes it have a better taste and texture oh and also makes it easier to swallow. Cheeseburger are really satisfying and good I prefer to go to Burger King to get my burger.Creative Commons License Helen Penjam via Compfight WP_20160409_20_19_42_Rich

Earth Day Free Write

“Guy’s I am back from my journey from the Third Planet from the Sun!” I exclaimed. I am Captain Brody from the planet Senus. Dear Commander Luther, Here are some thing’s I found on the third planet from the sun. They have a mountain has they call it Mt.Rushmore it has 4 old president’s on it there names are Abe Lincoln, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt. There is also a place that is very unique it is called Niagara Falls it is a waterfall and is very big actually a few people went down it in a barrel. Another place is called Switzerland it is the most expensive place it make’s Swiss cheese and even chocolate. Oh this makes them unique to they have more than one leader

Blog Challenge Week 5

2012 Pittsburgh Steelers Schedule Wallpaper Charlie Lyons-Pardue via Compfight

The Pittsburgh Steelers are my favorite football team. I like them since growing up the reason I like Pittsburgh is because I like the coaching staff because they don’t tolerate disobedience and my dad likes them. They have 6 Super Bowl Rings that’s more than any other team in the NFL. They won in the years are 1974,1975,1978,1979,2005,2008.

Week Four Blog Challenge: 2 epic places in the U.S.A!

My first epic place in the U.S is Disney Land in California . It sounds childish but it has some really cool amusement rides for example Space Mountain and The Haunted Mansion. This place is really cool and though they make childish movies they have some cool amusement park rides. Oh don’t get me started on there water park rides they have Splash Mountain and this sounds childish but probably fun Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage.

Star Tunnel
This is a picture of inside Space Mountain.

Michael via Compfight

My final epic place in the U.S is Washington D.C there is a bunch of things to see the Washington Memorial and the Statue of Abe Lincoln. You might even see the White House you even might get to meet the president You also might see the Washington Redskins and yes there in Washington D.C so the Washington Redskins Stadium.


This is a Picture of Abe Lincoln Statue.

Creative Commons License Studio Incendo via Compfight

These are the two cool places you should visit.

Freewrite 4/1/16

Hmm  good question I would rather pull a prank on someone else that be pranked because you would get to laugh at them after words and to you want to get laughed at by other people no that’s what I thought. Plus you could do any thing I mean the possibilities are endless you could prank them with water and pretty much every thing else to here is some other things salt,pepper,whipped cream and shampoo. Also you watch them some what well get “tortured”  oh and here’s some good “torturing” devices flour and itching powder are really good ones. Oh and the person I would prank is my brother. Use these ingredients to get revenge on whoever who want.

Week 2 Blog Challenge: CoMmEnTiNg

For commenting I use star,wish and wonder in blogging/commenting. For Star you tell them what they to good like for example “I like how you did …” that is the star part. Now for the Wish part you tell something that you “wished” they’ve could’ve done better on like for example “I think you could’ve done better one…” that is the wish part. Now finally for the Wander part wander is where you ask a question for example “Do you like ….” so that is Star, Wish and Wander I hope you use this technique. Happy blogging!

Blog Prompt week 3/11 – 3/18

Prompt: How can drama help you better understand the feelings and viewpoints of characters?

Tiana-Bold  Kyle – italics


Drama can help you understand it because they’re putting you in the characters shoes.For example if the character is mad you probably will be mad .And that happens to every emotion .That can happen in plays ,movies,songs,and many more.


Also because you are feeling how the characters feeling if the character is sad you can feel sad. Especially if you are in like first person when you’re the main character when you feel like you’re in the book. When you read the genre Drama it gives you feelings like happiness, sadness and most of all silliness. Finally, because drama is just a fun type of genre and if you are in first person everything almost feels real.


We both are thinking the same because we both have the same thoughts about drama.What are your thoughts about drama? Drama is an awesome subject to be doing you actually usually  know what the character is thinking. It also  is cool because you also get to be like in the story.

Free Write 3/18/16

“Great” I groaned I was in the giants castle you know from Jack’s Magic Beanstalk. Yeah, well you know you might think it’s a myth but well it’s not I found the beanstalk and I am in the giants castle! But now I’m stuck between a giant and a wall so I’m pretty much done for I feel like I’m going to die. But I am small enough to run under his legs without him getting me. “Fee Fi Foe Fum I think I smell a Kyle it smells like chicken and maybe taste like one.” boy oh boy this plan better work. Then all of a sudden I sprinted towards the door right under the giants legs then right to the door and then out the door than finally to my family and in my head I could hear him say “Dinner got away to me comes another one someday.”