trout in the classroom

There are are growing and are now fingerlings and we will release them on april 14. The little ones will hide in the bottom and bigger ones will go all the way to the top. It’s awesome how they have not eat each other yet.

Google VR/expeditions

I thought it was real fun to try VR. When you do VR its like your there. When i tested the selfie stick it was cool but when I tested the goggles I felt like I was in it it was super cool. But the thing I did not like about them was the made me feel sick because it felf like i was falling in.

holiday fun

Christmas is Monday can’t wait so many presents to open its so crazy 2018 is coming soon. I want to wish everyone a happy happy new year and merry christmas.



Made by: mackenzie patterson

It was summer time in the town of pompeii. It was a nice day ,in  the year 79 A.D. Everyone was calm, they were talking. Pumpkin was walking her dog like normal. She had a grandma, that knew about the mountain. She told her about it. She asked her grandma “what does it look like”? “Sweetheart i don’t know”. “Ohman”  said pumpkin “I really want to hear more”. “Come on candy let’s go for a walk”. “listen to me” said pumpkin to Candy.  There was one person that walked with her and asked to talk. “Who are you said  pumpkin”?  “Oh i’m cupcake”. “Who are you said cupcake”? “Oh me i’m pumpkin”. [kABOOM] “did you hear that”. “Wait a second, what is that red stuff”? “That’s lava I think”!  “Since i live near the water, we can get in my sail boat and be safe” said pumpkin. “Wait what about candy” said cupcake?  “I will be right back” said pumpkin.  “Come on candy let’s go”. [they paddled the boat away from the lava and hot ash] my grandma! nooooooo  “sorry Pumpkin” said cupcake. Hot ash went high in the air but the girls and the dog were too far away to get hurt by it.  “So where are we going said cupcake”?  “I guess we live in a sail boat until someone saves us”.  That is my story of pompeii. pumpkin is me


my new story

my new story is called… the losers vs the cool kids. chapter one is meet the cool kids. chapter two is meet the losers. chapter three is the fight. chapter four is walking in. chapter five is the winner. there are four cool kids and four losers the losers all they do is study all day long and the cool kids laugh at them and be super mean. no one likes them. who will win i will tell you after the story.

they have come

we finally got the trout and some little alevin were born no eggs died and no alevin died. We got 200-300 eggs. We got to used a turkey baster and  pippett. We sorted the dead eggs and the live eggs. And we got to sort the alevin. and got to see them go in the tank.

A lot of puppies gone

I have 6 little puppies we are keeping one and letting others have the other 5. Well all of them are gone now. Well one went to a Amish or Minanight family. They other went to my aunt. The other went to my other aunt. One went to my mom’s friend. And another one of her friend. There names are Brittney        Jannet,Elanor those are the girls. And the boys are Alvin Simon and Theodore but they changed Theodore to another name.

My new story

my new story is called the LUMBER JACK MANIAC I thought it would be  fun for people to read and if they want a fright they will get a fright. It give you heart a real scare and will make you shake and it will show you what you should do and not what you should not do it will give reason to not be scared of anything all you have to do is read that it will make all those ghost inside come out and fly away and make you stop shaking and it will prove to not be scared

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