My Washington D.C trip

The first thing I did on my D.C trip was got to the arlington cemetery to see the changing of the guards. We saw the 11:00  am changing of the guards because we got there to late for the 10:00 am one. On the way up to the tomb of the unknown soldier we stopped at the eternal flame. We looked around and we started back up the big long hill for the tomb. After the changing of the guards we walked back down to the busses to eat lunch. then we drove to the lincoln memorial. we didn’t go the the lincoln memorial instead we went the the vietnam memorial. we walked by the reflecting pool. then we walked in the war memorial. instead of walking with the group we decided to walk ahead to get more time at the museums. so we left the war memorial and walked pass the washington monument and like 10 minutes later we were at the nachural history museum. when we walked in first they had to check our bags. then we went to the human origins.  it took us like 1 hour to look through it all. after that we went to the second story and we walked to the food court and got some snacks and some drinks. after that we continued the route throughout the museum. to the left of the food caught there was an outbreak hallway. basically it talked about sickness, desseise and the cures.

there was a cool part were it told you about how the first person to treat ebola did it. at the end of that hall way we enter the skeleton room. there were a bunch of skeleton . there was a wails skeleton and human skeleton and all sorts of animals. my fevret skeleton was the little frog that was smaller than a quarter. at the end of that hallway there was 2 mummies that were real. the was an adult missing a right foot and a baby. after that creepy room the was an insect room. it told you where the insect came from and where they are now. if there poisonous or not. after that room we went back down to the first story to look at the murine section. the first thing we saw was a big fake wail hanging from the roof. after we looked around for a bit we walked over to the gift shop. I got a pack of D.C playing cars. then we sat down at the benches in the main room. one of my friend came over for a bit. after that we went outside to meet up with the hole group to walk to the ronald reagan building. once we got there we went to the food court inside. we got some sushi a slice of pizza and a really got smoothie. after that we went outside to wait for the busses. 2/4 of the busses came but the other 2 were down the block a little so we had to walk 2 block to get to my bus. it’s not bad to walk 2 block but it was cold, a little rainy and I was holding a pizza slice in a box and a ice cold smoothie so that was a fun little walk. But  that was it. Then the long ride home.

My perspective on recycling

My perspective on recycling is more neutral than anything.

There’s many reasons for it to be good and bad. Here are the reasons on why it’s good. It’s good to provide people jobs, to keep trash out of landfills and to help replenish resources.  The bad reasons are it take more energy to break it down and remake it, it’s not worth the work money wise and most of it end up in the landfills anyway. I can’t really decide which side to take because there are so many reasons on both sides. there equal to me.

that my opinion on recycling.

cans...Creative Commons License Scott Macpherson via Compfight

Helping the community

What is one thing you can do to help your community in the next 8 hours? 8 Days? 8 Months? 8 years. Think about how you can contribute in a sustainable way.        

In the next 8 hours I think I can help pick up trash around the community or donate to a food bank. In 8 days I can still help pick up trash,donate to a food bank and help volunteer at a local food bank. In 8 months I can help with local homeless shelters, pick up trash donate to a food bank and volunteer at a food bank. In 8 years I think I can help at local homeless shelters, pick up trash donate to a food bank, volunteer at a food bank and help with local construction.

That’s how I can help in 8 hours, 8 days, 8 months and 8 years.